Commander range callout absent

I have seen videos online where when you rangefind a tank, you hear the commander say something along the lines of “Tank, 12 O’clock, range, 500 meters!” but whenever I try in game, it cuts off at “range” and then never says the range. Is there a fix for this or should I just submit a bug report? Does my crew need to be a high enough skill level? (Which I did try one time in a test drive with a level 150 aced crew in an m2a4.) Ever since their introduction I thought the crew dialog was really cool and would like the whole thing. This is my first time on the forums so I am sorry if I did something here erroneously. Gramercy.

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Even with a novice crew anything under 800m should still give you a range. It seems to work inconsistently. Sometimes it will give the full fire command, sometimes not. But its odd that you’ve never heard it.
You don’t have any custom crew voices installed?

No, never have. I tend to stay away from that stuff, I feel like I would mess something up.

I’ve had the same issue. Every nation of every crew level cuts off at “range”. I’ve always wondered if I was the only one.

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Well, it’s nice to hear that I’m not the only one. I might try verifying/checking the files in the launcher to see if that does anything later, will update.

after verifying files and some honestly limited testing in both test drive and live battles, in bottom tier and top tier, there has been no change

I’ve also been experiencing the same problem. I’m waiting until Seek and Destroy comes out to see if that solves the case

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Unfortunately no improvements since the update, might uninstall and reinstall

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I have no idea what to do, nothing has worked

Playing a few games while paying attention to it, it seems like I’m not getting an ranging either. So looks like they nerfed/broke that functionality…

Before it did kinda break the rangefinding delay, you’d be given the range verbally before the rangefinding timer had finished most of the time. I took full advantage of that of course.

Oh Sweet Liberty I had a dream last night that I heard the commander say “500 meters”. I am finally reinstalling right now once and for all to try and fix it.
And to Exocetta and Bruce_R1, that does sound like a possibility that they nerfed it due to what Bruce mentioned, it’s just that I have never heard it since the new voice lines released. I had payed attention early on and noticed the absence but only just recently decided to try the forums.

Just finished reinstalling, it did not help

I have submitted a bug report, here is the link. Community Bug Reporting System

any news yet?