Command bridge repair bug

Since the new “Seek & Destroy” update have been implemented, new bug appeared in the naval forces.

Namely, if your ships command bridge is damaged / destroyed, you are unable to initiate a repair.

This has happened to me a dozen times, in several deferent ships. It happens regardless if repairs are set to automatic or manual “press 7 to start repairs” setting.

Note that this only happens when only command bridge is destroyed. Once something else is destroyed, the usual “press 7 to initiate a repairs” button becomes available, and command bridge is repaired, together with the rest of the damage.

I would also like to add that there is a bug with the new Project 11451 corvette spawn on Fiji map.

Apparently, there is not enough clearance for that ship to spawn on that map.

I have got this map only twice since the patch, but both times Project 11451 got stuck on spawn, at the shallow reefs on that map. Just got stuck soon after spawn and couldn’t move anywhere. Could do nothing but watch the ship explode after 2 minutes timed out.