Combat Robots of Atomic Heart come to War Thunder!

As you know, combat robots from the Atomic Heart world are being tested on the battlefields of War Thunder.

From July 11th (12:00 GMT) to July 31st (12:00 GMT), unique robots created at Enterprise 3826 will meet in battle with armored vehicles and helicopters of the Cold War era from the USSR and USA in Test Facility 2271.

During the field tests, the testing personnel will be split into two teams - team ‘West’, and team ‘East’ - to deploy on the battlefield both conventional and experimental combat vehicles, such as Hedgie and Pchela robots. Players will have access to a predetermined set of vehicles, including M3 Bradley and BMP-2 infantry fighting vehicles, M60A2 and T-55A medium tanks, and AH-1G and Mi-24A helicopters.

Join the event and get prizes!

Completing battle tasks in the special mission will allow you to open prize stages and receive rewards corresponding to the number of stages. Tasks are divided into two types: those that start on a specific date and are available until the very end of the event, and temporary ones, which are relevant only for two days. Special tasks highlighted in the list below, might be performed simultaneously with each other and with temporary tasks.

  • July 11th - 31st: defeat 30 enemies while controlling the HOG-7 Hedgiev in the Atomic Thunder event
  • July 13th - 15th: score 20,000 points in the Atomic Thunder event
  • July 15th - 31st: score 10 assists in repairing or fire extinguishing in the Atomic Thunder event
  • July 17th - 19th: score 20,000 points in the Atomic Thunder event
  • July 19th - 31st: defeat 20 enemies while controlling the WSP-9 Laser Pchela in the Atomic Thunder event
  • July 21st - 23rd: score 20,000 points in the Atomic Thunder event
  • July 23rd - 31st: defeat 40 robots in the Atomic Thunder event
  • July 25th - 27th: score 20,000 points in the Atomic Thunder event
  • July 27th - 31st: defeat 5 enemies while controlling a helicopter in the Atomic Thunder event
  • July 29th - 31st: score 20,000 points in the Atomic Thunder event

Battle tasks activate and expire at 11:00 GMT. You can track the terms and progress in the game by clicking on your nickname - Achievements - Atomic Thunder.


“Thump it!” poster “Thump it!” poster
"Door Lock" decoration
Profile icon “Twin Left” Profile icon “Twin Left”
“Get ready “Get ready" poster
The “Swede” axe decoration The “Swede” axe decoration
Profile icon “Twin Right” Profile icon “Twin Right”

Each unlocked stage will bring you a prize, depending on how many stages you have unlocked in total. In addition to each prize, you will receive a trophy containing RP and SL boosters for 10 battles, 5 backups, or 100,000 SL. List of prizes:

  • 1 stage: only Trophy
  • 2 stages: “Thump it!” or “Get ready” posters
  • 3 stages: Door Lock or ‘Swede’ axe decorations
  • 4 stages: “Thump it!” or “Get ready” posters
  • 5 stages: Door Lock or ‘Swede’ axe decorations
  • 6 stages: “Twin Left” or “Twin Right” profile icons
  • 7 stages: “Atomic Heart - MiG-15” or “Atomic Heart - War Machines” loading screens
  • 8 stages: “Twin Left” or “Twin Right” profile icons
  • 9 stages: “Atomic Heart - MiG-15” or “Atomic Heart - War Machines” loading screens
  • 10 stages: “Atomic Heart” title

In addition, every day for 1 victory in the event, players will receive a combat trophy containing RP and SL boosters, a wager, an order, or an universal backup!

“Atomic Heart - MiG-15” or “Atomic Heart - War Machines” loading screens

"Atomic Hearts - MiG-15" - loading screen
Download Wallpaper:
“Atomic Heart - War Machines” “Atomic Heart - War Machines” - loading screen
Download Wallpaper:

Meet the robots!

HOG-7 Hedgie

HOG-7 Hedgie is a topographic and geodetic robot with spherical armored hull and four legs. Features an alternative ‘tumbleweed’ moving mode, which allows the robot to accelerate to 30 mph, as well as jumping and slamming. Combat-ready HOG-7 robots come equipped with homing anti-tank missiles with HEAT warheads.

WSP-9 Laser Pchela

The WSP-9 is a small multi-purpose helicopter drone, equipped with a laser pulse emitter for clearing rubble and demolishing small buildings. For military purposes, the emitter can be effectively used to engage lightly armored vehicles and enemy troops.

WSP-9 Repair Pchela

To carry out repairs of agricultural, military and other equipment outside the repair shops, the WSP-9 drone is equipped with the electron beam welding torch, capable of repairing refractory metals of tank armor. In the army service, the Pchela repair drones are used by military technician and mechanic units. The Repair Pchela provides control over the BR-1 Burav robot.

Ability: BR-1 Burav

The mining robot BR-1 Burav was created at Facility 3826 as an autonomous equipment for earthworks, including in rocky conditions, as well as terraforming the Moon and other planets. It is a worm-like mechanism consisting of rotating cylindrical sections and a head with rotary underreamers. The BR-1 is controlled by repair robots of the WSP-9 series.

See you in Test Facility 2271 in the Atomic Thunder event!


Hahahaha. You need to earn points in battle in order to be able to pick a robot ON WHICH YOU NEED TO MAKE 30 KILS)))) Which is simply worse than the technique that everyone can take at the beginning of the game hahahaha Goosh, and during all game this, music…that prevents you from playing and is just very annoying It does not just interfere with calm play, it just annoys. It cannot be turned off. It is obvious that the dev haven’t even tested this mode.


They hardly test their game. Some dev even don’t know how to takeoff from carrier in dev stream.

Prob some have no idea what IS carrier.
So sad about it.
Open this mode with big hope to have fun… but then it was untill i understand that for this event i must play tank then farm for this “mega cool” robots and do some kills. Wooops. Teams usually lose ASAP. No time for grind 1k point.
And yes nice big map. Really have to investigate way to find enemy and do kills

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Atomic Heart? Oh, well

gaijin stop, please


How about nope.

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Played few games, always got USA. When I get a direct shot on a Hedgie, nothing happens. Deployed or not. But got killed (one shot) as Hedgie by BPM2 and 906. Once when I was deployed, and once when I was in running mode.
Where is the consistency? I shot a Hedgie with rockets from AH, APDS from M60 and Bradley, HEAT from M60 and nothing happened. But I got one bullet from BMP2 (not rocket) and I was dead.

Another no fun event with broken mechanics.

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Due to the absence of any event vehicles, I presume that this event will not take the place of Operation S.U.M.M.E.R. (or whatever it will be called this year). Is this presumption correct?


Would have rather seen new maps or gameplay improvements. This event is a waste of time. Rewards … meh.


Hope you will keep the map in game.
At least i like this type of map.

We have lowered requirements. From 30 to 20.

killing enemy with pschela is the more easy than killing enemy with Hedgie

Hello, unlike previous events, in Atomic Thunder you can’t buy Mark of distinction with Golden Eagles, is there a reason for that?


The crossover scenario is cool and the drone and Hedgie gameplay actually fun but to me the rewards just arent worth the effort. Rather uninteresting prices and as usual the grind is real without any option to level your actual vehicles or do your BP tasks while playing.

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Stona, would you change the conditions for the task of repairing an ally 10 times?
Repair Pchela is a unique feature that allows for repairs, but not many people use tanks because they are all flying drones for repairs.
Even if you send out a tank, it is the LT who has the advantage to send out a Hedgie, and the LT will die before he can call for repairs.

Even if there are many drones because it is the day when the task ban is lifted, the fact is that we rarely see situations in which repairs are required in this event match in the first place.
Hedgies often fail to destroy the tanks, and they are forced into a state of repair, but we cannot take the time to repair the tanks on the battlefield where Hedgies are roaming around.

I don’t think I can complete this task, no matter how long it takes. I think it is an unpleasant task for many users.


Can even confirm that using the Repair Pchela does not even give you repair awards either

I totally agree with you. It’s the same case when they put the task “capture a area with a PLANE”. This is not fun and just make the game worse for players =/.

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im not sure i can get a some of these done. is there a reason i cant buy these stages out? as it stands these missions make a fun mode significantly less fun and fustrating in some cases

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On July 19, destroying 20 players using a laser bee is a good task, since a laser bee is capable of destroying both the laser bee itself and light equipment. July 23 - 40 players defeated, target technique: robot. Any robot is easier to kill using Bradley or BMP. It follows from this that almost no one will play on robots. This task will be the most difficult, I would even say impossible, if you don’t have the opportunity to play for a whole week for 9 hours a day. And the fact that there are tasks with repairs and a laser bee until July 23, the task with the destruction of robots does not become easier, because those who are interested in this event pass the tasks as soon as they are available, so as not to sit with swollen eyes and not do everything in a row. The task with the destruction of 40 robots should be combined with the task for the destruction of 20 players using a laser bee and change its condition to the player’s technique: Bradley, BMP and reduce the number from 40 to 20. If there is a condition of the player’s equipment tank, then the task with the repair will be very easy. Given that the laser bee is capable of destroying Bradley and BMP alone, such a combination of tasks will force people to play both laser bee and light equipment, and those who have completed these tasks will take medium / heavy equipment to win in battle. or change the places of these tasks, but with the proposed conditions, without combining

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