Comandanti Class, Patrol Boat, Comandante Foscari P 493

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The Commander Class is made up of four offshore patrol vessels “Comandante CigalaFulgossi”(P490),“Comandante Borsini” (P491), “Comandante Bettica” (P492), “Comandante Foscari” (P493) are part of a new generation of patrol boats in the Italian Navy, which have the task of surveillance of the coasts and maritime traffic.Thanks to new design and construction concepts, they offer an optimized hull shape to improve performance in terms of seakeeping and resistance to motion, as well as the hull and superstructures made of high-strength steel. The particular design of the hull, the superstructures and the mast highlight the research of those technical measures necessary for the reduction of thermal and electromagnetic signatures of the “stealth” concept, characteristics that allow these units to be used in multiple tasks. Furthermore, technological innovations related to safety, survival and maintenance of operational capabilities have made it possible development of reliability criteria with particular attention to compartmentation and fire protection which allows protection even with a damaged unit. Particularly innovative from a design point of view are the solutions adopted for the purpose of reducing the radar signature, including the evident interventions on the shapes geometric patterns of the Unit which led to the unusual inclination of the external walls of the hull and superstructure. The mirrored stern supports a flight deck from which there is access to the telescopic hangar, capable of accommodating AB 212 and NH 90 helicopters. Propulsion is provided by two Wärtsilä-NSD W18-V-26 of 6480 kW which develop a continuous speed of 25 knots and a maximum speed of 26 knots on two axes with two four-bladed adjustable propellers, two reduction gears and two rudders. The on-board electrical services are provided by three Isotta Fraschini V1712T2ME diesel generators/alternators of 900 kW each for a total of 2,700 kW. The on-board electronics include a RASS discovery radar (MM/SPS-791), a GEM SPS-753 navigation radar, the NA-25 fire control system (Dardo F) with RAN-30X/I fire radar and RTN-25X radar, the system Elmer integrated communications system and command and control system by Alenia Marconi Systems. The electronic warfare system consists of the SLQ-747 ESM/ECM suite. The armament main one is composed of 1 OTOBreda 76/62mm SR (Super Rapid) cannon to which the DAVIDE/STRALES Kit has been added which is composed of a radar antenna which guides one or more projectiles in a very specific direction through a radio frequency beam DART (Driven Ammunition Reduced Time Of Flight) towards the target, these projectiles eject from the barrel at a greater velocity than standard 76mm projectiles. The DART projectile features a forward guidance section; once fired, it picks up an RF guidance beam constantly aimed at the path of the incoming threat. A latest generation proximity fuze activates the DART projectile at the best moment in order to increase its effectiveness on engaging the target. The “Comandante Foscari” was the first ship to test the new DART projectile on 17 February 2010. The secondary armament consists of 2 OTOBreda - Oerlikon KBA 25/80mm machine guns. The ship Comandante Foscari was launched on the 24th November 2000 at the Riva Trigoso (GE) shipyards.







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Such a modern ship, but without any missile armament, it is actually feasible!

This has got me thinking, could helicopter equipped ships actually have their helicopters added, and use them like scout planes?

Rather than reconnaissance, they would be better for attack, I think that sooner or later we could see them, but I couldn’t say in which version.