Colt MK12 are beyond useless. Since the bois at Gaijin seem to have ignored my first post about this, I will repeat it because it would count as new

I’ve gotten 1v7 carries ruined because the guns would just give smoke puffs and the occasional small fire that gets put out. I’ve spent over 120 rounds on aircraft that just need a single GSh23L click (10 rounds) to be taken down. The irony is strong with the F8E. A gunfighter that can’t use the guns. A single Vulcan shell on protection analysis can black out the entire fuselage. A single shell of HE Colt Mk12 mod 3 will just give a small square of space within the target surface., while the vulcan will leave it entirely dark brown. The Colt Mk12’s are SO UNRELIABLE it’s just impossible, it’s like GSh23L before it got the astronomical buff; setting planes on fire and hope they crash.