Colombian Kfir Block 60 (Upgraded C.10) for Israel


Colombian Kfir Block 60 (Upgraded C.10) for Israel

Discussion post for Kfir Block 60 or Upgraded C.10, this would be a great addition to Israeli RESEARCH tree, with possibly the NG build too.

I am not gonna yapp around about its history or whatever, I am personally interested in its weaponry, electronics and performance.

Radar: EL/M 2052 AESA
Operation Modes
Air to Air

  • Multi-target detection and tracking
  • Multi-target ACM
  • Look down shoot down
  • Up to 64 target multi tracking
    Air to Ground
    Air to Sea
  • Sea search and multi tracking

Defense System: ELL-8260/2 – INEW SPS

  • RWR
  • LWS
  • MAWS

Python 3, 4 and 5
I-Derby ER
Griffin Laser Guided Bomb
Spice EO/GPS Guided Bomb
BLU-107 Matra Durandal

Max weapons loadout seems to be, 4x Air to Air missiles of any type + 2 Spice GBUs + Targeting Pod + 1 Extra fuel tank.

Underside with armament


Used sites for info:
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