Cockpit glass textures

So I’ve been attempting to create a camouflage for Z-19E for my Squadron. I already have some experience with creating camos as well as giving them reflectivity and metal properties, depth and so on, however I have no idea where or how can I edit the cockpit glass texture.

As you can see on the picture below, I’ve used black base with golden themes.

My whole point is to make the cockpit glass like on the F-16C, golden(ish).


Via Asset Viewer I found out that F-16 Block 50 (so C) uses “golden_coating” texture for the glass, also found the texture itself. I have also found “default_no_coating” and attempted to replace it in z_19e.blk with:


Unfortunately this gave me no results (yes, I do have the in the same folder as Z-19E files). Seems like Z-19 does not use the file.

I browsed through the assets in Asset Viewer, but could not find either any reference to glass texture for the helicopter or the helicopter glass textures.

Is there any way, without editing references in model files, to obtain glass texture or change the texture?
In the end I would like to obtain same effect as with any other texture - having only the z_19e.blk together with image files for the custom camo (so no playing with 3D and changing references within the model itself).