CM11 turret armor bug?

I have noticed, that the armor instector says it has 150mm CHA all around the turret, even in the back and on top.

To my knowledge, it is an M48 turret on an M60 chassis, but the thickness just does not seems to be right. Looking at an M48 turret (any other variant) shows a ~26mm roof armor, and ~50mm at the back.

It also makes no sense, since an all around cast 150mm thick turret would be really heavy, and the CM11 in fact is lighter than an M60TTS, even when the CM has ERA.

A few pics:

That is certainly a bug. You should use the community bug report service to report it.

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I just wanted to make sure that it is a bug. Tho i am not expecting anything to be done.

A mod there ased for a REPLAY for a bug happening in HANGAR.


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its cast homogenous…
it doesnt have the same thickness all around

Have you actually looked at the screenshots?

If yes, do you have the ability to interpret arabic numbers (“150”), and 3 words in english (“Variable thickness armor”)?

I will help you with the number, here are “150” in a few different number systems:
Roman Numerals: CL
Greek Numerals: ΡΝ´
Babylonian Sexagesimal (Base 60): 2;30
Mayan Numerals: 10.10.0
Chinese Numerals: 一百五十
Hebrew Numerals: קנ
Egyptian Hieroglyphs: 𓉐𓅁
Aztec Numerals: 6 dot 6 dot 6 dot 6 dot 6 dot 6 dot 6 dot 6 dot 6 dot 6 dot 6
Base 36: 4I
Base 12 (Duodecimal): 126

the definition of insanity… is doing the same thing over and over again… and expecting different results…
you lost your case when you pointed out those ‘three English words’.
this is not a turret armour bug. barely a stat card inaccuracy
this is just how WT shows cast armour.
it is variable on every vehicle

Ahm, lol.

The statcard says 130mm btw, not even 150mm.

Not always.

The armor value, or the way it shows? Because it matter which one you talk about.

Let’s talk about it.

If you were to see the screenshots, you could see this:
This is the CM11:
And this is the M48:

Can you see the difference?

With the CM11, every pixel is 150mm, while on the M48, it is varaible tickness.
Can you understand that?

You can also observe it in the protection analyzer:


That is weird.

Bruh, now its vulnerable to strafing after it gets fixed, thanks all.

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Engine deck is paper, and robot dildos from skycancer will just 1hit you anyway.

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Id definitely mention this as a bug it shouldnt be like that.

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I will, but the mods on the bug report page are incompetent.

What is funny in that? xd

Just the wording lol

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I just like to describe things realistically.