Clickbait & AIM or 2a4M and 2PL?

Im Rank 7 Germany and played a good amount of games at 10.3 and I am now thinking about grinding the US tree. I still want to unlock Germany Rank 8 so I thought about buying both German 11.3 MBT’s. Now my question is which of the two nations is more enjoyable at 11.3+?

Germany by far.

America is downright terrible at this tier. The Abrams itself is by no means a bad tank, but the teams are incredibly awful.

The 2A4M and 2PL are decent tanks, just heavily overshadowed by the other Leopard 2s, and almost every game will be an uptier to 11.7-12.3.

Also, keep in mind squadron vehicles such as AIM or 2PL are only able to grind 1 rank above and below its own efficiently, until you start losing like 70-90% of your RP. So if you aren’t at least close to those tiers in their countries (Rank VI-Rank VIII for the AIM, and Rank VII and Rank VIII only for the 2PL), I’d say the squadron vehicles aren’t worth getting until you can use them to grind efficiently.


In my opinion Germany. I really wanted to like playing the US more at 11.3. That being said I haven’t fully unlocked either 11.3 line up entirely. Only partially. My opinion may change once I have done that.

German tanks at 11.3 are superior. The problem is 11.3 germany sucks, because the tanks only .3 BR higher are much superior, and at 11.7 you have access to the undisputed best CAP plane at 11.7, the only fox 3 slinger that got such favorable downtier for ground RB. Every other nation pretty much has to uptier their lineup to 12.3/12.7.

Staying 11.7 lets you see 11.0 premiums, and at 4 players queing 10.7. Queing 12.3+ means you can only see 11.3 premiums and only 4 players at that on each team. 12.7 means no premiums at all in your matches.

Doubled edged sword

I don’t know about 2A4M’s armor but 2PL got a very trolly turret armor and in hulldown position you can easily block some shots at longer ranges like the Aral Sea or maps like that.

True, but the hull is very weak, and the breech is easily destroyed. It also isn’t very good when every match is an uptier vs top tier tanks.

I’d also avoid getting any squadron vehicle to grind a tree with, they can’t be used to do that.

There is no doubt that ‘Clickbait’. From the reality, your German tree is about to reach its peak, purchasing US pack can yield maximum revenue.
If you don’t want to use SL tank for farming, try PL. It’s a bit weak (DM43 penetration is too low), but it can still be used.
Also, from an economic perspective, the promotion has just ended and you have missed the half price discount on Clickbait.
Suggest completing the German TT first and purchasing Clickbait at a discount during the anniversary in Oct.

Far from it, Germany just ordered Leopard 2A8s and there are a bunch of tech demos on their way out that definitely can be added in the far future while the US has got nothing else other than Abrams, Abrams and AbramsX.

US can still get the M10, LAVs and MCS series of vehicles if gaijin decides to add them

Yeah and Deutsche-Franco cooperation has returned once more and created a bunch of stuff that can come to game in the future, so really there’s no “end game” to either.

You didn’t grasp the key point of the problem. The poster is about to reach the top of the current German techtree, while the American one has not moved at all.
Future tanks will be researched in the future, and there will be new gift packages available.