Clarification on Ammunition allocated having an effect on detonation likelihood

Question on game mechanics. Does changing the number of total allocated shell in a tank decrease or increase likelihood of shells being hit and detonation Mechanics wise.
I cant find anything that clarifies this so help with some proof would be nice.

Yes. The number of granades determins which racks are filled and by how many granades they are filled. Taking 15 with you means there is most likely only one rack filled or maybe two. Hits to empty locations will not blow you up.

Yes, the lower amount of ammo you take, the less space they take in your tank and the chance of it being hit and detonating deincrease. But there are some quirks to it. If your tank has simplified racks (the shells are not modelled as independent entites, but as a bunch) loading even a single shell into that rack will make it count as if it was a full one. Some shells have a higher chance of exploding than other.

Thanks so much I appreciate it. Honestly this information Should be added to War Thunder official wiki not gonna lie.

Happy to help