CL-13B or MiG-19S

Hey everyone, I’d like to hear your opinion: which jet you’d rather take into battle: CL-13B or MiG-19S. Both of them are on 9.3 BR(Typical Gaijin balance). In my unpopular opinion is that the CL-13B is better than MiG-19S. This jet have the perfect roll, can easily dogfight against F-5C hordes, has the AIM-9B missiles which is very useful for countering all-aspect missiles. His only problems is that is not supersonic, has no flares, and has 6x 12.7 M3 Brownings. On the other hand we have MiG-19S, he has more powerful engine than MiG-19PT, he has 3x NR-30 guns, but has no missiles to counter all-aspect missiles. The main problem of the both jets is that 9.3 BR always playing against 10.3 BR