Churchill AVRE's Reload Rate

This has been raised plenty of times elsewhere but just in case it hasn’t been brought up here in the forums for the devs to (hopefully) acknowledge, the Churchill AVRE’s reload rate is absolutely not as long as it is right now, as evidenced by the video linked here.


It is done for the balance reason. Same case with 5s abrams manloader reload time…

Considering the limited range of the vehicle (barely 150 meters), it wouldn’t be an issue to speed it up.


Faster reload would be nice.

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I’m more worried about the armor of this tank than about the reload, obviously it’s 2.7 but with an uptier of 3.3 or 3.7 we’ll be seeing pz4 f2s that don’t even have to aim to send our vehicle back to the garage with one shot from afar.

I think it can be balanced by how hard it is to use, considering how it’s effectively an HE shotgun that is only good at literal point-blank brawls. The number I’ve seen floating around is 12 seconds, which is already quite long for what we have to contend with, but at least it’d be a bit more usable than what we have currently.
The only perk for long reload that I can think of is the avoidance of the readied shell being blown up in the barrel (which is modeled in now)…

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the only difference this would make is compensate for wonky HE moments because PETARD has no range, would be nice to see

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A very frustrating vehicle, got one kill, missed another on a literally point blank sideshot because the range is such a joke. And now 7 minutes crew lock, come on

Looks like the video has cuts in it, which means it won’t give an accurate picture of the actual reload rate. Videos can also be sped up. For these reasons, Gaijin don’t accept videos as evidence for these sorts of things.

My dude you just posted a video with several camera cuts during the external loading process, it also doesn’t show what is happening internally. This is not good evidence…

Before someone antagonizes me, I’m not against a reload buff, but ffs be reasonable with the evidence.

I do not see the Problem, the Russians on their forum can literally Photoshop evidence and it gets accepted.

Considering that the loader can only reload the gun, if the turret is pointed right at the front, the in-game reload is as good as it gets.

Of course Gaijin can always use their mighty “reload is a balanced factor” argument to do whatever they want.


Yeah, it’s the best that I can find, unfortunately. As for how sped up it is, given what we see with the fidgeting to get it in the barrel, I’d like to think it’s quite close to real-time. It’s not like a video of an autoloader in action that makes it hard to determine whether it’s faster or not.

From discussions in the comment section of the linked vid, this is a condition also shared with the M901 (which has a 13 seconds base reload rate) and the Roland 1(?) which has a 5 second auto-loader.

If you want accuracy you cant reload it when the turret is turned aside.


Realism is one thing that isn’t exactly necessary, but improved reload speed for a rather terrible gun would be quite beneficial.


Indeed, I mean they did it for the Sturmtiger.