Chungmugong Class Patrol Gunboat

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Chungmugong Class Patrol Gunboat



The Korean Navy was officially launched on November 11, 1945 at 11:00 am at Pyohunjeon, Gwanhun-dong, Seoul, by holding a Coast Guard(해방병단) decision ceremony. On February 27, 1946, the Navy, which did not have a single warship, installed a shipyard for ship construction.

On February 7, 1947, one Patrol Gunboat (PG) was completed with its own shipbuilding technology. The Navy named this patrol gunboat ‘Chungmugong’ and gave it the number ‘313’.

Construction of the PG-313 Chungmugong I originally began on September 14, 1944 at the Japanese-operated Jinhae factory. It was designed as a torpedo carrier equipped with a crane, but was abandoned after production was discontinued due to Japan’s defeat.

The Shipbuilding Plant began construction of this vessel again on July 15, 1946. At that time, there was only a framework, so it was like making a new ship for a Shipbuilding Plant. Engineers of Shipbuilding Plant completed construction in seven months. With this, the first warship made with Korea’s own technology was born.

Officially, it was a ‘boat’, but the ROKN’s predecessor, the ‘Korean Coast Guard(조선해안경비대)’, upgraded the title of commander from ‘skipper’ to ‘captain’ as PG-313 was the first ship and flagship built in Korea. This designation continued until PG-313 was retired.

PG-313 participated as the flagship in the first squadron training held in Masan on June 22, 1947, and in the maritime squadron training commemorating the 2nd anniversary of liberation on August 17, 1947, receiving cheers from citizens.

PG-313 was deployed to the 1st Special Boat Unit in Busan, established on October 15, 1947, and performed duties such as coastal and island security, regulation of illegal fishing vessels, crackdown on smuggling vessels, and rescue of ships in distress. During the McArthur Line security mission, he also cracked down on Japanese fishing boats crossing the line. On February 14, 1949, according to the reorganization of the naval organization, it was deployed as the 1st squadron (Incheon) and carried out the mission of guarding the West Sea area north of Gunsan.

When the Korean War broke out, PG-313 was put into operation to guard the lower reaches of Ganghwa Island. Afterwards, with Baekdusan (PC-701), the first battleship of the ROK Navy, it carried out patrol operations between Palmi Island and Ganghwa Island. In this operation, PG-313 searched for refugees moving south by fishing boat and caught spies infiltrating undercover.

On August 14, while blockading the sea near Deokjeok Island, he found and sunk an enemy small ferry, killing four people. On August 20th, they attacked Daeijak Island, capturing 24 People’s Volunteer Soldiers and killing 7 people, contributing greatly to the complete recapture of the island on August 21st.

The shipyard built a new vessel based on the experience of building the PG-313. Construction began on December 18, 1950, when the Korean War was in full swing, and completed on May 7, 1951. PG-315 Chungmugong II had a naming ceremony in front of the Navy Depot on August 31, 1951.

On December 29, 1951, PG-315 fired naval gunfire to support Korean troops who had landed by surprise to collect enemy information while conducting security operations near Seok Island on the west coast.

PG-313 and PG-315 had difficulty procuring accessories. As a result, they did their best in maintenance, such as making and using parts themselves, but they were retired at the same time on March 15, 1956 due to many difficulties in operation.

Tehnical Data


Full Load Displacement : 287t

Length : 46.6m

Width : 6.7m

Maximum Speed : 13knot (24km/h)

Engine Power : 800hp

Range : 450mile

Armament : 1 × 40mm Bofors L/60
2 × 20mm Cannon (20mm/70 Oerlikon?)
2 × 12.7m HMG (AN-M2?)

Crew : 37 (some sources claim 60)

Cost : 23,960,000 KRW 『해군공창연혁사』(Jinhae Navy Yard, 1954)



PG-313 moored on a US Navy vessel

PG-313 participating as flagship in formation exercises at sea on 17 August 1947



Naming Ceremony for PG-313 Chungmugong I on February 7, 1947


Model of PG-313. It is equipped with an early armament, the 37mm M3 anti-tank gun.Screenshot_20221127-130112_Gallery.jpg.7
Coast Guard(해방병단)

Shipbuilding Plant Main Building


Inside of Shipbuilding Plant



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