Choosing a vehicle

If you had the opportunity to choose between one (or two) of the following vehicles: Ju 388J, 180S (USSR), MBR-2-M-34 (USSR), P 40C, LVT(A)(4) (ZIS-2) (USA) , I 301, which would you choose?

First of all you probably want to ignore the Ju-388J and the MBR-2-M34. The Ju-388J has a couple of issues, firstly its a heavy fighter, and in general such vehicles are more difficult to use and have less potential than single engine fighters. The second issue it has is the gun placement,2 of the 20mm cannons are mounted vertically as “Schräge Musik”, so are mostly useless, and the other guns are monuted such that they are angled down from the nose, so you have to point your nose upwards to get shots on target. Overall it is an odd vehicle that only really has novelty value. The MBR-2-M34 is a rank 1 bomber, and it is a fine vehicle, though it does nothing special and has a very obvious weakness when you have a quick look at it, that being the engine sat on a pedastal above the vehicle. The I-180S and I-301 are both decent planes, and if you are choosing one of those two, it depends on what playstyle you prefer, the I-180S is more of a turnfighter, and the I-301 is more of an energy fighter. The P-40C is fairly similar to the other P-40’s in game, and is a fine plane, though nothing special. Finally the LVT(A)(4) (ZIS-2) (USA) is exactly the same as the one in the chinese tech tree, and so for that reason i would avoid it when you can get other, more unique vehicles. This is not to say it is a bad vehicle, the gun is quite potent and the large amounts of crew and empty space in the vehicle make it surprisingly survivable, but i do not see much point in getting it when you can play it elsewhere already. Personally, i would get the I-301 if i could only get one of the mentioned vehicles, and the P-40C if i could get 2, though if you prefer the look and playstyle of the I-180S then you might want to get it instead of the I-301. All 3 of these vehicles can be used to fair effect in Air RB and AB, and will do fine in ground lineups as CAP, though none of them carry great amounts of bombs, the P-40C carrying one 500lb bomb, and the I-180S carrying 2x 100kg bombs.The I-301 does have decent AP ammo for its 23mm cannon that can kill ground targets, but does not carry much ammo for the gun, and carries no bombs. Hope this helps

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None. They are all lowtier and mediocre. Tho from all these i would go for P-40C or I-301.

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tysm bud !

I would choose Stug IV.

I-301. it’s a monster.

I’d go for the MBR-2 just because funny flying boat