Chonma-Ho IV

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Brief Summary:
The Chonma-Ho IV onwards give us the start of the intresting North Korean designs and directions in which they have improved their own tanks with this model receiving a lot more than just a patchwork of upgrades.

The earlier Chonma-Ho II and III basically only improved some factors over the Chonma-Ho I models but by the 1990’s the start of the new breed of Chonma-Ho models had begun to spring up with the first being the Chonma-Ho IV. This model is the first to use the laminated turrets instead of the cast of the T-62 this was probably made with the help and knowledge of Pakistan and Iran of which Iran would buy some Chonma-Ho models most likely from the 4th and 5th variants of the tank. These tanks would first be seen during the 1992 military parades in Pyongyang.

The composite turret armour improves the overall protection of the tank from the original cast armour which has allowed the weight of the vehicle to stay low whilst the protection has increased, the composite is most likely much weaker than other nations and was most likely produced outside of the country and assembled in the country when produced likewise the tank has received the addition of ERA which is often present on this model and usually gets the Chonma-Ho III mixed up with it however the amount of ERA on the vehicle’s turret varies from image to image with some having up to 16 bricks on each side of the turret whilst others as low as 5. This ERA is of Kontakt 3 standards.

Chonm-Ho IV without era present

The engine of this vehicle has been improved to 750hp and is most likely been assisted by Slovakia and the suspension has been improved, the smoke launchers vary in the amount with up to 8 present on each side of the turret which 4 of which are presumed to fire backwards. A ballistics computer and improved fire control has been added to the vehicle also whilst the laser rangefinder remains on the top of the main 115mm gun which has also improved in stability from the earlier models. Like other 1990’s Chonma’s the 12.7mm AA gun would be later replaced with a 14.5mm

Compared to the earlier 1980’s Chonma’s this variant showcases the first leap forward in a North Korean tank that although still isn’t going to be on par with other vehicles from the 1990’s it still makes for a very interesting vehicle from a nation that will continue to showcase more interesting designs regardless of how they would fare against the more modern mbt’s that surround them.



Dimensions (L-W-H): 6.63m x 3.52m x 2.4m (21’8’’ x 11’5’’ x 7’9’’ ft)

Total Weight: 41.5-48 tons

Crew: 4

Propulsion: 750hp engine.

Transmission: 5 forward 1 reverse

clearance: 0.425

Power to Weight Ratio: 18.07-15.63hp/ton

Suspension: Torsion Bar

Top Speed: 50km/h (31 mph)

Main Armament: 115mm U5TS (40 rounds)

Vertical Guidance: -6°/16°

Secondary Armament: 1x 7.62mm PKT (turret coaxial) (2500 rounds)
1x 12.7mm DShK (AA position) (500 rounds) (later the 14.5mm KPM)
Up to 8 smoke launchers on each side of the turret added on this model (possibility of 4 firing backwards)

Stabiliser: Two Plane

Laser Rangefinder: Yes (located on top of the main gun)

Night Vision: Passive IR, IR Searchlights

Armour: 102mm frontally at 60°, 79mm upper sides, 15mm lower sides, 46mm rear (hull)
Composite (ceramic components) Turret unknown thickness, Addition of ERA (Kontakt 3 standards) present on the back half of the turret and on the glacis (up to 16 blocks).
20mm bottom, 31mm hull roof

Production: unknown

Additional Images:
A unknown sub variant of the Chonma-IV, known as the Chonma-92 which replaces the era with spaced armour and remove 4 smoke grenades on each side.




Chonma-Ho IV depicted from Tank Encyclopaedia.