Chonma-Ho II

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Brief Summary:
Alongside the base models of the Chonma-Ho stood the Chonma-Ho II and the Chonma-Ho III both of these later variants are even more sparse than the original models and all have their own little elements they bring to the series.

North Korea probably dissatisfied by being unable to replicate everything from the T-62’s they had gained from the Soviets and Syrians would take measures to try and replicate some of the features of the tank. In regards to the Chonma-Ho II this would be the introduction of a laser rangefinder. Yes the earlier T-62’s all came with laser rangefinders however Chonma-Ho I models didn’t and still don’t on the ones scene more recently with MANPADS. These tanks first appeared in the early 1990’s in parades alongside the Chonma-Ho I’s.

The Chonma-Ho II although it has a laser rangefinder it is located on the top of the main gun housed into a blister unlike the T-62’s integrated laser rangefinder, usually the Chonma-Ho II’s also received additional armour in the form of rear storage basket which adds addition protection to the back of the turret as it acts as spaced armour it can be referred to as a “boom shield”. These two features either stay a constant feature of the Chonma-Ho series following from this model or be adapted in the attempts of adding protection to the turret. Further down the line the Chonma-Ho II would receive the 14.5mm AA machinegun upgrade alongside the other early Chonma variants.

Chonma-Ho II laser rangefinder

The Chonma-Ho II like the Chonma-Ho IB and III remain in North Korean service as reserve units and like the Chonma-Ho III it is unknown exactly how many were produced although it is presumed to not be many due to the scarcity of footage of both of those mysterious models however they lead into the more insane models late to come further down the Chonma-Ho line. “But how do you tell a Chonma-Ho II apart from the other models?” well the easiest way to tell is down to the fact it doesn’t have any additional era of armour protections frontally on the turret which distinguish it from the later models and the earlier Chonma-Ho I’s have never been shown to equipped the laser rangefinder and still remain in service without the rangefinder on many images whilst the few scare images of the Chonma-Ho II have it with the rangefinder and no other modifications usually.


Dimensions (L-W-H): 6.63m x 3.52m x 2.4m (21’8’’ x 11’5’’ x 7’9’’ ft)

Total Weight: 40.2 tons

Crew: 4

Propulsion: V-55 12 cylinder diesel engine, 581hp 2000rpm engine.

Transmission: 5 forward 1 reverse

clearance: 0.425

Power to Weight Ratio: 14.45hp/ton

Suspension: Torsion Bar

Top Speed: 50km/h (31 mph)

Main Armament: 115mm U5TS (40 rounds)

Vertical Guidance: -6°/16°

Secondary Armament: 1x 7.62mm PKT (turret coaxial) (2500 rounds)
1x 12.7mm DShK (AA position) (500 rounds) (later the 14.5mm KPM)

Stabiliser: Two Plane

Laser Rangefinder: Yes (located on top of the main gun)

Night Vision: Active IR, IR Searchlights

Armour: 102mm frontally at 60°, 79mm upper sides, 15mm lower sides, 46mm rear (hull)
214mm frontally, turret, 153mm sides 97mm rear, 40mm roof (Turret) + spaced armour from a turret basket on the rear
20mm bottom, 31mm hull roof

Production: unknown

Additional Images:
A Chonma-Ho II on display after 2010


Tank Encyclopaedia’s depiction of Chonma-Ho II without the laser rangefinder

Tank Encyclopaedia’s depiction of Chonma-Ho II with laser rangefinder