Chinese ZTZ88B and China's absurd 8.7 tree

What is this? A new vehicle that is just the ZTZ88A but worse? And the ZTZ88A wasn’t really great to begin with anyways.

Now for 8.7 we’re looking at

  1. M41d
  2. M60A3
  3. ZTZ59
  4. ZTZ88B
  5. ZTZ88A
  6. PGZ09
  7. PTL02
  8. CM25
  9. AFT09
  10. PTZ89
  11. Object 122
  12. WMA301
  13. T-69 ll
  14. M113A1
  15. CM25
  16. WZ305
  17. Type 69

And then we haven’t even added air yet,

  1. Z-11 WA
  2. Sa.342
  3. F-86F
  4. F-84G
  5. H-5
  6. J-2

And that’s just what’s within TT BR range, you could bring a ZBD or ZTS if you wanted and whatever plane.

I mean common, even if you spend you like $30 to unlock the crew slots you can’t fit half of them, and even if you did, you cannot use them.

I got my 8.7 lineup sorted a long time ago, yet I still still have to get through half a dozen vehicles at 8.7, or well over a million RP before I can finally unlock something worth playing again.

And amidst all that the decision was made to add the ZTZ88B, because that’s really what the game needed, that’s really what China needed.

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I usually take 3 MBTs, 1 TD/IFV, 1 LT and 1 SPAA for GRB so i choose ZTZ88A, 88B, ZTZ59D, AFT09, WMA301/PTL02 and PGZ04A, u don’t need to take all of the them and some of them that u mentioned is 8.3/8.0 vehicles :)

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The 88A is a great tank, the 88B is more than welcome.

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You won’t use even half of those in a game though, and yeah they aren’t all 8.7 but they are viable for an 8.7 lineup and it just create an absurd amount of vehicles when you can only use 2-3 per game anyways, but there’s 20 options.

My 8.7 lineup is complete as it is yet I still have to grind 1-2 million RP just to get out of 8.7 at this point and unlock something I can use.

I don’t see the value in the 88A, and even less so in the 88B when I already have a full lineup, and that thing 100% should be in a folder when they just do copy paste like this in an already filled BR.

The 88s are better than the M60 and ZTZ59D1 and far better than the tanks tiered below it like the Type 69s (and certainly the M41D).

Sure the 88s could be foldered, I otherwise don’t see the issue beyond some vehicles being under/overtiered and the general compression at 8.7 which makes it miserable to play.

With the PTL, AFT, PTZ on top of the premium WMA and T-69, WZ305 and PGZ, CAS is lacking but also 2 8.7 helicopters there just is a lot to choose from already, and that is before even starting on the main ZTZ line and ignoring the trash M41 and M60 stuff.

The last thing that tree needed was another 8.7 to what is already like a million RP grind above what you’d need.