Chinese Tiger '虎' Character

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Currently, the Chinese decal section is quite lacking containing only 2 permanent visible decals despite the Chinese TT having existed in WT since 2019 compared to other nations like Israel, which was added in 2022 already having more .

‘Tiger’ 虎


The Tiger decal on a Vickers-6ton tank which formed the bulk of the Chinese armour fleet during the 1930s. They participated in the Battle of Shanghai in 1937 and were all destroyed within it.

Tiger decal on a captured japanese Type 97 Te Ke tank


Add the decal AND the Vickers 6-ton for China! +1


+1 Good decal, and fun fact my dad belongs to the Tiger zodiac.

more tactical number stickers are needed at the same time

+1 would love to see this AND the correct Vickers Mk E Type B in the Chinese tech tree. Another thing is that not all Vickers were destroyed in Shanghai, as this is a common misconception (Tank Encyclopedia doesn’t help with this, but they did recently post a video on YouTube correcting this). In actuality, there is evidence that only three Vickers tanks were lost in Shanghai. There are some photos out there that show them in use with the 200th Division and Fifth Army Corp. Even the Nationalists took one to Taiwan and displayed it outside the Tank Training academy at Taichung in 1950.


Decal idea; release one zodiac symbol per year for China, on 10th Feb (Chinese New Year).

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Actually an awesome idea!