Chinese M60 TTS belongs in 8.7/

Ok, so the American M60 TTS has ERA and its at 9.0; rightfully so. But the one in China has NO era, and it was an important tank in the 8.7 lineup. There is absolutely NO reason for it to be 9.0 while the Object 122 stays at 8.7. the OBJ122 has 4 ATGMs and a APFSDS round the same performance+ a laser range find and similar protection. not to mention the speed, This should be changed because it would greatly improve the Chinese 8.7 since the other wheeled vehicles moved up too.

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Yeah it makes sense but I personally think you could just leave the M60 at 9.0 and move the 122 with it.


agreed. There is no need to bully unstabilized M60s, Leopards, AMX30s etc. With a fully stabilized APFSDS firing tank

Idk, I think the 122 is fine where it is. Also moving it up ruins the 8.7 line up

Not only does the chinese M60 not have ERA, it also doesnt have the M774 apfsds the american one has. No reason for it to be the same BR with missing era and crappy M735. Should be moved down

WZ122 is perfectly fine where it is. Only has steel armor, no era and crap depression

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US has M60A1 Rise with out laser range finder no thermal and with M735 APFSDS already at 8.7 though.
I think giving M774 to M60A3 in Chinese wouldn’t be out of the question.

They really need to commit to making it either a 9.0 tank and give it the better round or just drop it to 8.7. It is in limbo right now, and needs something to change for it to be worth bothering playing.