Chinese era wrong behavior

In th game the mbt2000 and vt4’s era was connected as a single model ,it is wrong. In t80bvm,t90m,t72b3 and even ztz96.the era model was divide more micromesh.In Soviet file,the era which can protect ap shell can have a very good multiple fight performance.Chinese was developed from 4s22 k5,they should have simlar can see the vt4a1’s picture,it is clear the fy4 era was divided into 5pieces,instead of 2 pieces in the game,your employee says they are in a singal model,it is undoubted wrong,the same ieeue was on mbt2000 either.Chinese tank join the game also have a low completeness and many bug,in many Chinese player’s sight,it is a kind of dicriminate,other tank like strv122 and T series tank could hardly see such bug.



Maybe pdf file was lost on it’s way to China and so ERA isn’t as good

Clearly discrimination the developers must be pure evil

The very obvious laziness behavior, as a crucial protective addition to vehicle armor, should be taken seriously. Such rough production greatly weakens the protection of VT4. The production of composite armor at the front of the vehicle also needs improvement


True, dude


Fix this issue as soon as possible


Hello, please report bug through proper method: Bug report community

Be sure you have enough materials and proper logs before any bug report submission, that will help our developers to locate the problem faster.

Thank you in advance.

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