Chinese Air Suggestion to Do list and Discussion

Nice, this is a lot lol

Feel free to ask me if you need any materials, I’ll see if I have any. Mainly ROCAF a few for PLAAF.

It’s not even finished yet, there could also be more if i did planes under 300 km/h, or trainers

I’ll DM you if i need any info, but i do want to ask right now, do you hsve any information on the Martin 139 carrying the Italian 500 kg bomb?

No I don’t have info for that unfortunately

Like MiG-21F-13 but without PL-2 AAM

But J-7II limited PL-2 & PL-2B AAM only

Since Chengdu J-7H, F-7M, J-7C, J-7D & J-7E and Shenyang J-8A & J-8B armed PL-5B

This is a very good idea, but it’s a pity that Gaijin can’t do it

P-43A-1 Incorrect Loadout

Put up 3 suggestion this evening, maybe one more by tonight (you can see them in the To Do (Propellors) if anyone would like to see any of the planes/helicopters soon let me know


To split the TT into two lines, I think at least the J-10 has to be added first so the light fighter line has a top tier

I think it will be difficult to achieve, Gaijin will probably put the J-10 on the F-16

Ba.27 just only service in ROCAF and Italy, it can be a unique vehicle for China

Bristol Bombay for be a low tier unique bomber.

well i think the F-CK1 will be put on the F16 but not the J10, the fifth line will be necessary

IL-10 modified

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Mitsubishi Ki-21(九七式重爆) service in ROCAF after 1945.

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N1K Prototype after 1945 in China(试制紫电)


Can you foward me more data on this?

This aswell

This is photoshop

This one is unfortunately photoshop. It’s from an alternate history story about the ROCAF. Like historical fan fiction.

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if someone could foward me information on the Ki-21 and how China got it would be appreciated, i found a little bit on the N1K Prototype