China's industrial waste

If the game design does not increase the frontal chassis armor area and vertical guidance of the Chinese tanks, you should lower the BR of the top Chinese tanks. If you have experienced the top Chinese tanks in the game, you will find that these Chinese tanks are simply industrial garbage, no game experience. Modern Chinese tanks have external tanks including two oil drums at the rear of the tank, and the vertical guidance of modern Chinese tanks is completely different from that of Soviet and Russian tanks, such as the vertical guidance of 99A is -8~+14, and the vertical guidance of 96A is -4~12. Moreover, the front and bottom armor of modern Chinese tanks is as thick as that of other parts of the front, second only to the turret. The fact that there is no explosive reactive armor on the front and bottom does not mean that its armor is thin enough to penetrate any low-grade shells. Moreover, the early model of 99A is equipped with active defense system. Only the appearance of the top Chinese vehicles in the game is the most realistic, but the actual performance and structure are very different from reality, such as the 99A lacks the front bottom armor, the vertical guidance is inconsistent, and there is no active defense system. I served in an armored brigade in China as the gunner of a 99A tank and the commander of a 96A tank, but I’m sorry I don’t have a tank manual to show you, I just hope you can improve the experience of Chinese tanks in the game, whether it is lowering the BR, or increasing the front bottom armor and changing the vertical guidance.

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