China ZBD04A outer fuel box oil 100% get exploded while BMP2M not

It wont 100% exploded until after a little update gajiin add this 5mm steel around itin the tank ,then i got 100% fuel tank exploded only if it get knocked by any thing,even a machine gun shell can make it exploded 100% no doubt .This is just another totally Chinese bias,same on ZTZ99A WZ1001E VT4A1 fuel tank and even worse .And a weeks later,even there is already bug reports alot,gaijin still ignore it and refuse to fix this awful bug.How can a out fuel tank,get exploded without any bombs,inner over pressure,shells inside? When shells shoot inside,the steel ouside the zbd04a just cant hold on and the fuel will just get out of the tank,how can it get exploded???Gaijin.Answer me.I know this game already add some "suprise " to every Chinese unique things.but this just means you are salty russian.Be kind,so people wont say you are just selfish and double standard,this “bug” not exist in Russian BOP-2M and T-80BVM at all.