China Norinco VT series MBTs, History, Performance & Discussion

DTW-125 projectile being 642mm long (proof)

The VT-2 image you used is actually of the VT-2B
VT-2B got the RCWS, not the base VT-2.

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Fixed, thx :)

It is worth mentioning that FY-4 has been removed from the dev blog of MBT-2000, and it is now Rank VII.
So i think it will be in 10.3/10.7 now.

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Is 6TD-2E engine same as 6TD-2?

Export name.

How does the VT-1’s name work? Is MBT-2000 the name assigned by Norinco and VT-1 the name assigned by the PLA, or did VT-1 replace MBT-2000?

MBT-2000 is the only official name, VT1A is said to be the subsequent domestic engine version of MBT-2000, so we speculate that VT1 is the code name for the original MBT2000, If you pursue extreme historical accuracy, they should all be called MBT-2000.

Wikipedia might be wrong then

Wikipedia always be wrong :) I’d like that gaijin call all of them MBT-2000.

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That vehicle is often quoted as being a 140mm gun test bed, but that is in fact false. It is the 1991 WZ123 prototype.

Compare the camouflage colors on the gun barrel, for example. The HMG is also mounted on the cupola, not a separate pillar, and there is no CITV.


To my understanding, MBT-2000 has not been documented with any other designation.


There is a hypothesis that VT1A adds additional ERA to the sides of the turret, but the tanks received by Morocco do not have this and still claimed to be VT1A.


With new turret mounts for ERA.

Moroccan MBT-2000/VT1A.

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Also worth noting that GJB 3659-99 Caliber series for gun of armoured vehicles also lists a 140mm tank gun… and this document was created in 1999.


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@kleinerPanzer Is WA321 gun same as ZPT-98?

I would imagine it’s the industrial designation, but I cannot be 100% sure.

Correction: After comparing the MBT-2000’s gun to ZPT98 and Type 88C, it looks more like it uses the same gun as the Type 96. This would also make some sense as the Type 90-II/MBT-2000 family was developed before the Type 99, but again, I don’t have hard proof of this.

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Hello my friend, i was wondering what round the MBT-2000 is likely to use ingame. Will it be the Pakistani DU APFSDS round or chinese DTC10-125 or DTW-125

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Pakistan has 4 different rounds

125mm ARDE
125mm Naiza
BTA4 (DTW-125)

But it will come down to 125-I and BTA4 in my opinion. If the MBT-2000 gets 125-I then I suspect BR of 10.0

If it gets DTW-125 then it might be 10.7

Pakistans most common 125mm apfsds by far is the 125-I

Probably no chance it gets the Naiza round as it is a DU round.
Also what is the ARDE round?

The ARDE round is copy of 125-I but with improved lighter sabot design which increases the muzzle velocity

Pakistan’s 125-I

Improved version of it by Pakistan’s ARDE company

125-I: 245mm @ 2000m (60)
ARDE: 250mm @ 2000m (60)
BTA4: 300mm @ 2000m (60)

Since I suspect at least 30m/s velocity increase

It looks like its submerged in chocolate milk.
So basically its almost the same with only minor differences

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Chinese probably.