China needs another 99A MBT for 11.7 Line Up

As of now the 99A and the WZ1001 are the only two MBTs at 11.7 / 11+BR while other Nations have more at this BR and the WZ1001 isn’t even foldered with the 99A despite it being a Prototype of it but sits in a whole different Line.

Just compare this to any other Nations like especially the UK which has just a massive Line Up for this BR and all of them foldered in the same Line as well

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Don’t see whats wrong with it - Chinas whole TT needs to be more fleshed out, the same goes for Japan who didn’t even got any fancy SPG/Howitzer like the others did last Update.

And at 11BR China only has two MBTs, the other Nations all got a lot more 11BR MBTs and better ones at that since Chinas 10.7 99-II/99-III are neat but still got same problem as Russian MBTs with no reverse speed and poor gun depression

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Yeah, and put it behind the ZLT11 because they’ve already split the only two vehicles they have.

The Soviets have one 11.0 MBT and it’s an event vehicle that’s only available on market.

Last time I checked, 3 nations can field an 11.0 lineup, of like 2/3 tanks only.

Certain BR’s are dead for certain nations.

Theres still quite a lot of they can add in for China and other Nations

USSR has three 11+MBTs in their Tech Tree, im not talking specifically about 11BR or 11.7 BR but that BR Range/Area

Ahhh, understood.

MBT’s 11.0+ (tech tree) per nation looks like this:

China: 2
Japan/USSR/Italy/Germany/Sweden: 3
USA/France: 4
UK/Israel: 5

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Britain does have a billion Challenger 2s but that’s the thing

They’re Challenger 2s, if there’s anything keeping Britain in the game at top tier it’s the 1 Challenger 2E, ADATS, Harrier GR.7/TornadoPGMs and ATASK Apache.

More would be nice but 2 competitive MBTs are enough, VT-4 textures are in the files so there’s that to look forward to. I’d honestly prefer ZTQ-15 and ZBD-04A/ZBD-08.

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Japan already had a SPG Artillery Howitzer dude.
Type 75 SPH.
Its like an M109 but with an autoloader.
And they’ve had it for 4 years

Weeeell we may see the VT-4/VT-4A soon or the 99A with the chinese domestic hardkill APS. I suppose that could be a decent ish solution

Yea the ZTQ-15 and others would be great as well…i don’t get why first so many call it a Copy+Paste or unnecessary Tree but then react negatively towards making additions to it as well.
For late CW and modern-era got quite a lot domestic Stuff to add in and even for the WW2 / early CW what about if its Copy+Paste? Literally every Tree has lots of just copy+paste in it or Vehicles which are just variations of one another like Japans MBTs are just japanese Leopards made with Germanys KMW, however the History behind those Vehicles matters as well.

Like i don’t see the Chinese T-34 as just an 1:1 copy because it has an huge history behind it as well

Just kinda annoying when having to research them dozens of times in various Trees lol

I don’t pay much attention to that, the same ppl complaining about China being copy and paste tree were also advocating for Israel to added.

China has a plethora of domestic vehicles which aren’t copy/paste.

The problem is Gaijin’s willingness to add them.


I grinded the TTs of Britain, Italy, Japan, and China at the same time. I know exactly who really suffered and China is not included.

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Japan got a good SPG years ago.

Why should Japan get a new howitzer, when all other nations got a M-109 or an equivalent?

Japan has had the Type 75 SPH already to sit in that exact role.

Thats not what the Post is about

yeah i just respond that Chinese Suffer guy,under every post you can see him saying that other TTs shouldn’t get something because there are still other TTs who are worse off than you. However in this post, he asked Chinese TT to get something. Just a Unreasonable man.