China needs a new rank 7 SPAA - Enter the Type 625E

China has a massive gap in SPAA from their PGZ04A at 9.3 BR to the TOR-M1 at 11.7 BR. I am hoping that there will be a new SPAA in the Chinese tech tree at some point to bridge this gap.

As soon as the Strela was moved up to 10.0 and there was a 2.0 BR gap between AA in Russia, they added a new one at 9.3 and China has a 2.3 BR gap currently.

I was wondering what some possibilities of SPAA for China could be? I was thinking the Type 625E that China has could be a good addition. I think a good BR to place it at would be 10.7 with the tanks China has at that BR to make a lineup.

I know this has been discussed in the past but when I play 10.7 China I am at a huge disadvantage against aircraft when I only have a 9.3 BR SPAA to fight against them so something needs to be added to round out the tech tree.


The Type 625 would be busted at 10.7, effectively a Tunguska with slightly better missiles, a far better gun (with darts,) and a far more mobile chassis. 11.0 minimum. The Yitian ADS would be a far better gap filler, though i would love to see both.

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Adding it will fill the empty of Chinese spaa indeed, although I still doubt its performance in the game under Gaijin’s bias.

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625E will be a top SPAA, you should turn to LD-35 or YITIAN.
How would a SPAA with 8*10km range IR missiles and a 30mm gun be 10.7?


They may not give it everything it has irl like so many other vehicles in the game. The Tunguska has 8 10km missiles and 4 x 30mm cannons at 10.7 which is pretty close to what the 625E could be in game.

10 km IR missile is different, imaging a type 81c with rader and 30mm gun, and apfsds, that’s TYPE 625E.


Gotcha, that makes sense. Certainly if it came into the game with all of that it would be way too good. The YITIAN is interesting. TY-90 missiles would be nice to get as a SPAA.