China need T90S more than Britain

Even Britiain get a T90s from India. why China can’t get a vietnam T90s, which is more reasonable :1.China have Vietnam anti-air T-34 and both China and vietnam have lot closer relation with Soviet Union/Russia in history; 2. In simulation battle T90S in China would unlikely to be teamkilled due to they filght alongside with Russia;. 3. China need at least 1 more tank at 11.7; 4.China still does not have toptier squadron vehicle. Even Sweden have T80u.


Since the british mains so viciously want only bad tanks, it’s only fair china gets both as squadron and premium vehicles


You can have it, we’ll have your F-16 in exchange though, as that doesnt really belong with chinas stuff


ROC have f16 so it should belong to China just like China have m4 Sherman or m18 hellcat or p40, p51, and so on, due to ROC have them


Counterpoint: Pakistani T-80UD with +70/-31kph transmission and Chinese ammo


a T-series tank with a great reverse AND my nations flag?
sign me up!

I agree with your first and second point. however, I cant understand the thrid and the fouth one can be a argue point, many nation only have 2 11.7 MBT like china, what is the point make china need one more than other? for the squadron vehicle parts, at least you got a Rank VI ground squadron vehicle. In UK tech tree, there is nothing.

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Nobody really wants it in the UK tree and China is getting the MBT-2000 at a similar BR

what even is this thread


No, China shouldn’t have their domestic tanks, the T90S and the M1A2T.

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Why are you so surprised? Chinese players regularly b*tch and moan about needing other nation’s equipment, just look at the Mirage 2000 suggestion lmao


The Republic of China and the People’s Republic of China are one China, and their relationship is a normal regime change. Why can’t the equipment purchased by the Republic of China be used in China’s technological tree?
Moreover, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Thailand, Middle Eastern countries, and some African countries purchased a large amount of China’s foreign trade weapons before and after the Cold War, so why can’t they integrate into China’s technology tree to enrich it?

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Then China need a 11.3 squadron vehicle

Lets not get political especially with the China Taiwan issue lol.


w…why??? you didn’t answer any of my question. Also NEED and WANT is different thing.


for Chinese 11.7 line up,it just don‘t have enough vehicle to fight with, even take ztz99III at 11.7 it still not enough,normally need 5 mbt or light tank or ifv that has br around 10.7to 11.7 into combat. That is why Chinese 11.7 line up need a 11.0–11.7 squadron vehicle. And so do Japan, Germany, France, and Italy need 5 toptier vehicle in total.

You can have F14 in exchange though, just like F16AJ for Japan LOL

Then we will get other locked topic XD

man what interesting threads I walk into, first thing I see is someone saying ROC and PRC are the same

F-16 would fit more

true , if Japan can get F16AJ, why China cant get F14, Mirage2000,Tornado,even the F16