China MBTs are not even mentioned in the new devblog about spall liners

That’s just how they treat us, FAIRLY
ALL Chinese gen3 mbts have spall liners and we had submit issues FAR MORE THAN ONCE! Are there ANY of them getting liners?


Yeah? All western tanks have had spall liners since the 60s…we’re waiting on those too. China is definitely not alone nor mistreated relative to other nations. They get many good vehicles.

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They mentioned Lec, They mentioned Merkava, Challenger, Ariete…Only left China
Is it too difficult to tell us there will be or will not be spall liners for Chinese tanks?
It’s all about attitude, bro


Abrams also have no spall liners and were denied even afaik

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But at least they remember to do and tell something about abrams
China just absents from the dev, NO ANY imformation
We are just forgotten, on purpose,
You still believe it’s by accident?
VT-4 is still imcomplete, they know we are in fury


I don’t see any benefit in them being denied.

We could still reverse it
Just give them more pressure of comment
Let them know we’re not that easy to be denied


It is obvious that GAIJIN has biases towards chinese TT😀

It’s obvious how little they care about this tree by just looking at each update/dev server. The Chinese vehicles are ALWAYS the most unfinished ones and often even go unmentioned and have tons of bugs on release. Look at the poor VT-4A1, it STILL has a bug on it’s UFP where it doesn’t ricochet despite being 84 degrees on the lower part of the UFP and then a thicker but shallower 82 degrees on the rest. All with heavy ERA overtop of it which would cause even modern APFSDS to shatter when trying to penetrate there…


And they obviously just reused MBT2000’s composite armor DM in VT4, leaving holes in both the turret and LFP. Then there are the merged ERA plates that were reported many times but still not fixed.


currently there are multiple reports out on the VT-4, and ZTZ-99 for spall liners, and they have been acknowledged in the reports atleast


Maybe you see it that way, but I see china getting far more advanced weapons than what other nations get at low BRs very often.

dont u know only russian tanks have spall liners!!!..even if you brought out 10 primary sources and 10000000000000000000000000000 secondary sources, AND A HAND WRITTEN LETTER FROM MAO ZEDONG HIMSELF!!! GAIJIN STILL WOULDN’T BELEIVE IT!!!


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Bruh they nerfed all NATO 120MM HEAT-FS Shells because of a source from INDIA.


LMFAO,they did? XD


I mean they acknowledge several reports on Chinese spall liners, so in theory we should see them sometime sooner than later

Yes, nato 120mm HEAT-FS used to penetrate 650mm and could penetrate the turret of russian tanks.

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I don’t believe for a second modern NATO and PLA MBTs don’t have built in spall liners
But since they’re not draped inside the tank like curtains they’re not getting included

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all modern tanks have spall liners, hell the U.S Had spall liners in tanks since WW2 the pattons series of tanks have spall liners, the bradley have spall liners. gaijin just does what they always do nerf other tanks, buff russian bias.

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Well we actually have photo evidence of Chinese spall liners, and that’s already been acknowledged. Otherwise tho it can be really difficult to prove anything. The Abrams for example probably doesn’t have any Spall liner for the crew, as all photo evidence proves that the last layer in the inside of the tank is just normal steel.

I’ve seen some people claim that it has “Kevlar inserts” behind the steel, but even if that’s true, that isn’t a Spall liner. In order for a spall liner to actually do it’s job, it has to be the last layer before the crew, otherwise if there’s metal after the Kevlar, then the Shell can just make the steel spall instead.