China Air level 4

This is a discussion regarding China air tech tree level 4, where China has just 5 vehicles. I would think that it is hard to grind 3 tech lines at the same time, whilst abandoning the previously very good Republic of China (Taiwan) tree where P51s sit. Is it just me or does anyone else also would like a slight alteration to the tech tree so you no longer have to grind all lines to reach level 5. A suggestion of perhaps another P51 addition and move the current ones to level 4.

Not going to happen because… Gaijin reasons.
If you want to bypass the TT grind, Da Snail will glad you sell you a premium.

I’d advise using the Il-10 and the La-9 to grind it. The La-9 is a personal favorite of mine and I adore it, and it is also better than the La-11 in every way. The Il-10 is also an insanely good strike fighter for pounding ground units in air RB. If you need a CAS platform, use the Tu-2S-44. It gets 3 1000 kg bombs and they all drop individually. A great CAS platform for ground RB.

Alternatively, if you want a premium the premium Ki-84 is incredibly good.

The point mainly is regarding the TT especially the Republic of China line where level 4 is completely absent. I understand the strength of IL10 and La9, but the fact that you ‘must’ climb the bomber line which ends in level 5 unlike other nations where they would end in Mig-27s, Aardvark, su22s, mirage and even F16s. The lack of a choice in advancing to level 5 and the abrupt stop to the bomber line are quite hard for the players. I am just suggesting whether any one have similar ideas.

I wish they filled in the ROC line more. I think it’s sad that they haven’t. I was giving just a guide on how to manage with what we currently have.

I mean it used to be very filled at rank 4, but because of the air tree reworks (that were based on arcade BRs), the P-51s and P-38 went down to rank 3.

My advice is to play the Tu-2, it’s fairly jack of all trades and bombing is always fairly reliable.

Yeah, the other problem is with the bomber line, since the easiest way to grind points is to bomb bases. Level 3 only has B25 which can only bomb 1 and half base at its BR.