Chilean Air Forces Sub-Tree

I’m of the opinion Israel doesn’t need a subtree. I feel the South American nations should go into a combined South American tree

Mean all countries from south american (columbian, venezuelan, Peruvian & chilean) might be part of Rio de la Plata tech tree ?

If you think that then why didn’t you vote for that in my poll? literally in the description of my post I mentioned it and it is also clarified that the sub tree was an example in Israel because they currently have more in common with Chile than any other nation in the game

It comes across as a odd choice of nations for an Israel sub-tree IMO, and might be better in the SA tree. But I love the idea of a sub-tree filling up tiers 1-3, paired with Israel tiers 1-3 as previously suggested. It’d make more people play Israel by making it the same as other nations. I just dont know if Chile is justifiable enough. I love the effort though! Well done.

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Thank you very much for your good vibes, I would also like Israel to get the lower ranks, before making my sub trees I met quite a few people from Israel with whom I have spoken for several months and who helped me with some technical information or with their opinions about the BR of things from Chile, I asked them what would be a nation that would serve as a sub tree for them, most of them said Chile or Turkey, my intention was always to help Israel get its low ranks and get vehicles of quality with my trees, that’s why I would like more people from Israel to comment here to know what they think, I would also agree with a future latam tree, that would be a dream, let’s hope it happens one day. Of course, I already saw that yoyo post and I commented on it and voted in favor :)


I added the descriptions of each aircraft so that people reading this suggestion have more information about these aircraft such as history, features, modifications, etc.


The Chilean Air Sub-Tree should be under the German tech-tree (I just want a Chilean F-16 as a squadron vehicle in my German lineup)

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Germany does not need another subtree let alone the Chilean subtree


Yes, I agree, that is why I focused my sub tree on Israel as an example and not on another nation.