Chilean Air Forces Sub-Tree

I’m of the opinion Israel doesn’t need a subtree. I feel the South American nations should go into a combined South American tree

Mean all countries from south american (columbian, venezuelan, Peruvian & chilean) might be part of Rio de la Plata tech tree ?

If you think that then why didn’t you vote for that in my poll? literally in the description of my post I mentioned it and it is also clarified that the sub tree was an example in Israel because they currently have more in common with Chile than any other nation in the game

It comes across as a odd choice of nations for an Israel sub-tree IMO, and might be better in the SA tree. But I love the idea of a sub-tree filling up tiers 1-3, paired with Israel tiers 1-3 as previously suggested. It’d make more people play Israel by making it the same as other nations. I just dont know if Chile is justifiable enough. I love the effort though! Well done.

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Thank you very much for your good vibes, I would also like Israel to get the lower ranks, before making my sub trees I met quite a few people from Israel with whom I have spoken for several months and who helped me with some technical information or with their opinions about the BR of things from Chile, I asked them what would be a nation that would serve as a sub tree for them, most of them said Chile or Turkey, my intention was always to help Israel get its low ranks and get vehicles of quality with my trees, that’s why I would like more people from Israel to comment here to know what they think, I would also agree with a future latam tree, that would be a dream, let’s hope it happens one day. Of course, I already saw that yoyo post and I commented on it and voted in favor :)


I added the descriptions of each aircraft so that people reading this suggestion have more information about these aircraft such as history, features, modifications, etc.


The Chilean Air Sub-Tree should be under the German tech-tree (I just want a Chilean F-16 as a squadron vehicle in my German lineup)



Germany does not need another subtree let alone the Chilean subtree


Yes, I agree, that is why I focused my sub tree on Israel as an example and not on another nation.

A whole tree makes little sense.

I didn’t understand what you meant

Regarding the addition of Chilean vehicles in one tree be it a standalone or a sub tree.

+1, It would be an interesting addition to Israel, such a proposition is quite interesting and one which I wouldn’t have considered prior to reading about the close defence ties.


Sorry, but the last thing Germany needs is more vehicles, they already have a very good lineup as it is, and Gaijin has already shown preferential treatment with things like the Hunter Mk.58.


Historically, Chile has been one of the largest buyers of modernizations and weapons from Israel from 1976 to the present, here is a list from Sipri of some of the purchases, some may be missing but it is a fairly complete list:


Chile as a complete independent tree I find you absolutely right, that is why I made this suggestion as a sub tree trying to add as many good aircraft as possible so there are more options to choose from, but I do not agree that Chile cannot be as sub tree for Israel since both in the terrestrial tree and in the air it can give many interesting things to Israel, on land for example you have the M24 HVMS, M-50 HVMS, M41 HVMS, Piranha 6x6 HVMS, M-51 Project-T, Piranha 6x6 TCM-20, AIL Storm 106 mm, AIFV-B Spike, Piranha 6x6 LAHAT which would be the vehicles that have a direct relationship with Israel (in fact the M24 HVMS passed to the developers recently) and Chile gives Israel many more light vehicles, which it needs very much and Chile can give them to it, and in the air you have many good planes for Israel especially at low ranges which can help them extend to the lower ranges and at high ranges you give Israel the possibility of using the Israeli F-5 Prototype and the F-5 Tiger III which is one of the most powerful in the world, the Mirage Pantera which is powerful also, and many Chilean planes that use Israeli missiles. There are many unique things that Chile can give to Israel and that are related.

To add at the end I must say that a lot of Chilean equipment is of Israeli origin:


While that sounds good many vehicles of those
service vehicles are not from Israel and sometimes only use Israeli ATGMs or air to air missiles.

Similarly to Swiss aircraft for example.
The Swiss Hunter would be better placed in the British tech tree while Mirage III and F-18 should go to France and the US respectively.

A Swiss sub tree in general doesn’t make much sense. Sure Chile has somewhat strong ties to Israel regarding military equipment but politically is rather close to the US.
Both is a bit flimsy over all to back up a sub tree.
I would simply add the vehicles to their country of origin.
Knowing Gaijin everything can happen of course.

US placed an embargo on sales to Chile. That’s why Chile started to buy stuff from Israel in such quantities.


+1 Good suggestion as always. Would love to see it in the Israeli tree. It would be a alternative to all those Jewish MBT’s

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Currently the game is aiming for each nation to have a sub tree of a secondary nation (except the United States, Germany and Russia which have many of their own vehicles) using as an example Great Britain with South Africa, Italy with Hungary and Sweden with Finland which are the that are at the moment, so it would not be crazy to think that in the future Israel obtains a sub tree from a minor nation since they greatly need them, especially to obtain light vehicles that they lack, I see 2 possible sub trees for Israel, which are Chile or Turkey, as a Chilean I have no problem with my country arriving to help Israel and we have enough connections to be together, especially in land vehicles (and if the terrestrial sub-tree arrives, the air will inevitably arrive), and Turkey has enough of its own vehicles to have a complete separate tree, just as the suggestion is made here in the forum.