Chengdu J-20 'BLACK EAGLE' - History, Design, Performance & Discussion

The Chengdu J-20 was China’s first production stealth fighter. Riddled with all kinds of doubts, misinformation, China has forged ahead in recent history to develop an aircraft that can compete with the best.

Known as the “Mighty Dragon” The J-20 is designed as an [air superiority fighter with precision strike capability. Developed based on requirements from the J-XX program in the 90s, this aircraft first flew in 2011.

Introduced into service in 2017 the procurement and delivery of this aircraft has been complex. Starting off with early models, each batch has made significant and noticeable differences both internally and externally. Slowly improving the aircraft even down to changes in the airframe has been China’s strategy for procurement and employment of this fighter.

There have been many changes to the aircraft and airframe over time, the latest saw new domestic engines and a redesigned airframe with a noticeable external difference behind the cockpit.

Regarding the performance and design, lets discuss below! We can collect sources, ascertain how this aircraft could perform in the games’ future.


I intend to add a compiled list of sources and information this weekend as I finish out the thread. (WIP).

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J-20 first batch: first flew in 2011, equip AL-31F.

J-20: Mass-production version, equip AL-31F and WS-10.

J-20S: Twin-seat version, equip WS-10 and maybe WS-15.

J-20A: Appearance changes have been made to adapt to WS-15, equip WS-15.


Currently, 2x PL-10 and 4x PL-15 can be carried internally, and the improved version of PL-15 that can carry 6x is under development.
There are still four pylons that can be added below the wings.



There is a paper published by Chengdu on the stealth characteristics of canards…
Let me find it

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Thank you guys for the sources and information! Let’s keep it going. Would be cool to get a user made model for this aircraft, I could work on a flight model file if I have sufficient information. Also working on some custom missiles so might get around to PL-15 and PL-10 at some point. Certainly PL-12 is on my list also.

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I’ve even seen suggestions about the Italian Air Force f35 and discussions about f22, which is nothing at all.


We’re within 3 years at the soonest, that being 0.7BRs added per year, with 0.3 - 0.7 added this year.
For a total of 2.7 14.7, and that’s before decompression.
5 years are more likely since we’re slowing down.

J-20 will be neat.