Chengdu J-10C

Hello everyone, I think that China should get a BR 12.7 And to be able to fight against the F16Cs and F-14s here is the J-10C
Military Chengdu J-10 HD Wallpaper

Title “Vigorous Dragon” (Play as the J-10C, Play 150 missions)

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chinese Eurofighter o.O

like the idea?

kinda, a delta wing canard

for a premium I think it’s a horrible idea


absolutely no, it is the most modern J-10 as of now, why would they get it as a premium?


more comparable to the gripen, since it has a single engine

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I would prefer it be a tech tree vehicle, maybe an early 2 seater for a premium with limited armament could work, but not the penultimate model in PLAAF service

Personally I think the JF-17 is a better fit.

I think the J-10 should be reserved as a TT aircraft as it is used by the Chinese military.

The JF-17 is not used by the Chinese military and is not only unique as a premium but would also allow for the J-10 variants to be represented as TT aircraft.


the “chinese version” of the jf17 is the FC-1, which they can get for the tech tree, so yea

Yes, I would like the F-CK-1 and maybe the F-16V to finish off the Taiwanese side of the Chinese TT.

As you said the F-CK-1 is more or less the Chinese equiv to the JF-17

nonono, not F-CK, im talking about the FC-1 Xiaolong


This should be added as a event vehicle instead because of its obscure history. There are plenty of JF-17 variants out there. Some of them can be placed in the TT

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Not 2 me

This is neither a 12.0 aircraft nor a suitable pick for a premium aircraft for China. It’s a full production service aircraft, it’s going to be in the tech tree when we get to AESA equipped aircraft.

Not to forget the B variant, let alone A variant aren’t ingame rn, so it won’t happen anytime soon.

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Then gib Lavi for Israel.

ah yes, lock one of the only few unique vehicles behind paywall, mmm yes yes
absolutely not, china currently has only 8 unique planes on their tt

That’s a 4.5gen fighter lol
If you’re looking for a BR 11.7/12.0 fighter, there are a few options
F-7PG: suped-up J-7E with AIM-9P-4, L, Magic 2
Many J-8 versions, I like the F-8IIM: R-27Rs (not ERs), PL-5E/8/11
F-5G: Prototype F-20


Bro, this is a 4.5 generation aircraft, its rival is Typhoon and F-16V.

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