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Do we know how many flares the variants had?

Frankly despite me loving this plane i have no idea in hell how many flares any of the variants have LMAO

80 I think. it’s usually covered by panel but I managed to find 1 uncovered picture.


Not the A variant, but it still should get countermeasure pods on both sides. Can’t quite tell how many, it looks like either a 5 x 5 or a 6 x 5 configuration per pod. So between 100 to 120 flares total. Doesn’t look like the Type 941 pods either, so they should be high caliber flares.

The picture posted by @NCC105 is much clearer. It shows a 5x4 arrangement with 4 potential containers, 2 on each side, for a total of 80

J-10C i think

That looks like it could be large caliber CMs, 9 per container. Would be nice if they ever let us decide whether we want more small CMs or less large

Seemed clear to me ^^"
1st missiles would be the inner pylon ones, then External ones, to end up with dual pylon ones.

But yeah,… the minor mistakes kills aircraft and loadout.

Yep, I miscounted.

Small flare pods count at 18, middle top and bottom are pod mounts thus only 18 per pod. Total of 72 small caliber flares, or 18 large caliber and 36 small caliber flares… Awfully low amounts seeming how it’ll be 12.7+

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intake mounted hardpoints only for 250kg bombs and pods, but not sure if guided bomb can be mounted. Usually J-10 needs fuel tanks in inner hardpoint for patrol mission. And some sources say that launch missile in inner pylon will cause the engine inhaling missile’s exhaust gas, not that harmful but it’s better to avoid, to save some work. and you can see guided bombs or Anti-ship missiles in inner pylon, so theoretically, it can use missiles in inner pylon.

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