Cheating its FUN!

It’s complicated to know if the tank on the video is cheating, the replays are generally full of bugs of all kinds. In addition to this, the movements it makes during the video can be produced by a bad internet connection or a bad server connection.

I don’t think he’s cheating

Bro is unironically baffled by the idea that users can disconnect from the server?

I’d find it more hilaious if they’re looking at a client replay and not a server one…

That connecting message needs fixing.

The speed that the video poster has sped it up to will cause trouble, but it really does feel like that’s a client replay, not a server one… Rookie mistake.

Even comments disabled on the video so no-one can directly question them.


This is probably just a low ball attempt at marketing his channel.

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62 views. Doesn’t seem to be working. Go watch W.T.C.S’s channel for how to do cheater shaming videos right.

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That’s a client replay… He didn’t teleport he just moved around the entire map and nobody on your team noticed

Your game doesn’t recieve location info for tanks you can’t see that’s why he is invisible on replay