Cheater or Game bug

This Strv 121 fired his shot at me and missed, and I knew he had a 6-second reload at best, that is why I drove out and killed his loader and commander, that should reset his reload. But somehow he still fired back at me while his dead loader was still loading the next round. You can see it in the video.

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Replay bug I’m pretty sure. Killing a loader doesn’t reset a round loaded more then a certain percentage anymore either. Just pauses the reload for a moment. My bet is replay doesn’t know how to display this

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Yes. If you reload is 80% (IIRC) complete, it will not reset, just get paused. And his reload was past that percentage.

by the time I killed his loader, it was less than 75% loaded. you can see the loading progress at the bottom. it is less than 3/4th of the square. which translates to less than 75%, or am I doing the math wrong here?

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  • Mechanics for reloading guns when the loader has lost consciousness when the reload was almost finished have been added.
  • For guns that reload single-piece ammunition, if the reloading progress exceeds 80%, the progress is not reset if the loader loses consciousness, and continues after the loader is replaced. If there are no crew members remaining in a vehicle to replace the loader, then after the loader becomes unconscious, reloading is stopped for 3 seconds and then continues, but then with a penalty to the reloading time.
  • For guns that reload two-piece ammunition, the reloading progress does not reset below 50% if it has already reached or exceeded this number (this is because the projectile is considered to already be loaded). The rest of the behavior (when there is no loader replacement) corresponds to the case of single-piece ammunition loading.
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Server replays do not take loader skill into account. They will show the default reload time. That’s why you can see people shooting faster than their reload in replays.

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From replay knowledge I can safely say it’s most likely a cheater as even serverside the reload should have reset but it didn’t, nor did it stop.

It is not cheating.

The Leo’s reload got past the 80% mark, and then 3s later the reload continuet, and finished the rest of the loading.