Chat mute

Hello, can i get the reason why I am mutted? =) Your @stalbridge is deleting my messages lmao

If this is in game, you should probably direct this to support


he is deleting my messages addressed to him XDD

Are you actually sure you’re muted, or are you merely thinkning it is because the chat isn’t coming up and has this wierd message that says ‘The chats aren’t available to you at the moment’ compared to an actual mute message?

If you are muted, condolences.

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Spamming people in the forum will get you banned from the forum. Send a ticket to support if you are not getting an answer from a GM.


Best contact him on the Russian forum, not here, the international one.


This is not the responsibility of support, by the way

I’m only interested in the message for which I was given a mute. I don’t care which game master forwards the message to me.