Chat banned

Just got a chat ban in the game chat what is moderated , In the official sons of something chat.

Only thing i said what could be on edge was that game has no russian bias and that dev team are at his core are from there.

Could some mods or who ever go over that . the mods there are super silent and blam they react without saying anything.
It looks to me some sort of communication would be nice

It’s also about what you said earlier than that, but that will get you chat banned anyway.

You messed about, and you found out.

so stating the facts that core of dev team is from russia gets me a chatban ?

is that not something what is the truth ?

And what i said earlier is something what has been voiced by many in the game chat and on all sort of social media. that was a bit on the edge but never called any names or what so ever.

also the mod could have said something about me remark. but he choose to stay silent.

Communication is key and important

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That’s what you were saying at the time, but it’s not necessarily why you were muted…

You know why you were muted, you just don’t want to actually admit it.

ill admit to anything i have said and stand behind that.

or was that about the poll i mentioned ?
why do you have to be so vague about it. pretty simple answer .

and it was never the idea to insult the company .( just saw the yellow text ingame )

How do you not see that as inflammatory ?? saying things like that only causes arguments and political discussions that are off limits…

And as mentioned above, it may or may not be the reason for the chat ban… GMs will have all of the chat logs, you need to PM Game Masters here and they can explain what it was that got you into trouble… if it was something else that was reported by players then again GMs can let you know what you had said that earned you the mute

If it was not that big of a deal or a mistake, then the GMs may reverse their decision… but, many subjects are off limits and can earn you a mute in game

He is not a Game Master… so he wont know… but, he knows that is it not always what you think what was said that got others into trouble…

And no… Game Masters will not communicate… users have read the EULA / ToS that they have signed, so users will know that certain things are against the rules that they have agreed too…

Game Masters are extremely busy, and so it would double fold their duty to communicate to every report…

You are always welcome to PM GMs in game, but it is often best to explain disputes in PM here on the forum