Chat Ban

How do you know you got chat banned in game?..and for how long?..I admit losing it many times and got fouled mouthed and got reported probably by thin skinned players

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It’s cause of the shooting in Russia that happened recently, no worries though I understand that lol


so im not the only one experiencing this issue? good to know, also condolances to the victims


Oh ok…that was horrible…what’s going on in the world…that’s real life…we take out frustrations in the game…those sick bastards need to be punished

If you were actually chat banned, as soon as you logged in you’d get a message saying why and how long your chat ban is.

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Thank you so much I was panicking thinking I said the gamer word one too many times

Chat is currently unavailable. It’ll come back eventually. This isn’t a you thing.

@Pacifica second one for the night to close.

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