Charioteer Mk VII is awful

This tank needs some serious work. It’s far too bouncy for a 6.3 tank. The suspension is incredibly broken and needs to be addressed. If you move one inch, the tank doesn’t stablize enough for a shot for at least 5 seconds.

Even if I was able to look past the broken suspension, the fact that it has 30mm of turret armor for a medium tank is absolutely inexcusable for it’s BR.

I have about 400 spaded tanks across all nations and this one is probably the worst-in-class. Fix the suspension and lower it to 5.7.

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I think it’s good, bulling Tiger 2s with it is really fun, also that medium tank label is a lie it’s really a super fast tank destroyer like the AML-90.

Not to mention the APDS will shatter always, only usable round is the AP.
I’m hoping the BR will be lowered with the upcoming BR update.
Britain tanks are a pain to use…


shell shatter basically just means it was a non pen and you need to aim better next time

APDS and solid shot are lackluster in War Thunder because of unrealistically fast crew replacement times. Making a center-mass shot in an effort to kill all the crew is iffy in most situations so trying to kill all the crew before an enemy can shoot at you once is a big design problem.

In real world, landing a lethal shot through the turret and killing the gunner would have taken at least 1 minute to replace them. In War Thunder, crew skills get that time down to 15 seconds or less.

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Just wait until you get the Conqueror, and experience the true suffering!
Or the Churchill 7. Both are awful.

You are playing the Charioteer wrong, whilst it was historically a medium tank, it should be played as a light tank / tank destroyer. If you are in situations where you need to rely on your armour then you are doing something wrong.

You also need to be aiming at weak spots, at 6.3 the gun is incredibly powerful, but if you are not aiming for crew or ammo then again, you are doing it wrong.

It is rapid, has a decent reload & has smoke grenades, shoot and scoot is it’s bread and butter.

Unfortunately a lot of WT maps don’t lend themselves to this play style.

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It has low ammo count, bad gun dep, no reverse speed with no armor, only 3 crew, 2 types of shells, both are awful…

To be an effective tank destroyer, you need to be able to have gun depression above 10 degrees and be able to backup fast … neither of which this tank can do. Light tanks get spotting, this tank does not.

Let’s summarize it’s key metrics:
Turret armor: 30mm
Barrel stabilization time: 4.5 seconds (when you move and then stop)
Turret rotation: 14 degrees per second (slower than most non-heavy tanks)
Reverse speed: 1 mph … this alone has such a dramatic impact on the tank’s effectiveness in ANY situation.
Barrel depression: 5 degrees
Crew: 3 … most shots are going to kill your whole crew and even if one survives, the tank is combat ineffective due to reload speed and other debuffs from only having a single crew member.
Ammo types: solid shot, APDS (both virtually useless at rank 4+ because you’re almost never going to get a second shot)
Reload speed with max crew: 8 seconds (30% slower than other tanks in its class)
Visibility: 89% (this is how likely you are to be spotted by enemy tanks crew)

It is all-around bad at any situation, which is why it’s BR is way too high.

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Turret rotation is actually 20 degrees I should know I made the report on it.

It’s 20°/s, not 14.

8 seconds is the reload with stock crew. The actual fastest reload is 6.25 seconds, and most medium tanks at this BR (6.0+) have a 7.5 second reload.

You say key metrics but then a very basic key metric of simple forwards mobility is ignored. Likely because it’s an aspect where the Charioteer does perform really well (since 20 horsepower/ton).

Edit: Also the reverse speed is almost exactly 2 mph. Still bad but literally double what you stated.

This is nonsense, massive problems exist with the ping and frame rate drops that causes undetermined time passages and your shot can ghost.

Charioteer MK VII is black flagged.

10 X dead for 3 kills and could not make modified parts with 10 free repairs.

It’s not brilliant but have you fully modded it yet? Problem is if you lower its BR then the UK has nothing in that BR hardly