Chaparral is useless

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Strela: “First time?”

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The Chaparral is completely useless cuz it has caged seeker, bad tracking and lock range. The Strela has tighter seeker and is better than the Chaparral in everyway. Also, the Isarael counterpart of the Chaparral has better missile, better seeker and sits at higher BR.


Israel’s chaparral is very buggy, it doesn’t stop and the missile is also very crazy, it goes where it wants, it has a life of its own

Me and someone else tested it to see if a situation that occurred in-game was able to be recreated.

Said situation was that I was unable to lock a full afterburning plane in the rear aspect at about 1km because the map weather was thunderclouds which covered the whole upper map so there was always clouds about 3km behind the guy.

We tested it in customs and I could not lock a fully afterburning gripen in rear aspect at around 1km-700m because there happened to be a cloud several km behind him.

Naturally this makes a lot of sense.

I honestly forgot I even made this post

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and after such great update the only point that made this missle hit something is gone, smokeless motor (irccm doesnt matter much as you can dodge it pretty easy)

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I will run the Machbet over the Chaparral. Its the absolute worst spaa anywhere near 10.3, if a jet is flying fast its nearly impossible to hit it with the caged seaker . it can hardly hit a heli because the missile is so slow to start tracking.

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My biggest issue with it is the caged seeker.