Changing the Israeli aircraft technology tree. And loss of game progress

Changing the Israeli aircraft technology tree. And loss of game progress

His month I focused on researching the Israeli VAUTOR IIA aircraft. (before the update, the machine was rated and classified as grade V. (5) and now it is grade VI. (6)

I have 136,000 research points on this machine. But thanks to your update, the machine is locked and I collected 136,000 research points for nothing! I demand compensation (compensation in the form of one day of War Thunder premium account or golden eagles of this plane) I am tired of this. If you don’t fix this I’m going to court and I don’t care if it’s a computer game!

I wasted my time playing something that I can’t play now because of your update! Do you think about it when you update? I would say no!

Please do not attempt to flag this post as a bug. As I noticed, many players lost progress.

As the support staff’s behavior is intolerable, the only option is to go to court

I tell you once again I will go to court and we will deal with this fact at this level.

Return progress to players.

In your terms and conditions, it is not written anywhere that the player must inform himself in advance on some forum in order not to lose his progress in the game. It is nowhere in your contract. This is certainly one of the things that the court will be interested in.

Good luck finding a court interested in listening to anything you just said.

Good luck even finding a lawyer that will say anything more than, “Did you read the game’s ToS?”

You didn’t lose any progress. The Vautor IIA is even the top of the folder so you have access to it, and you had to have already unlocked the B-17.
What sucks is when you have a partially researched vehicle that gets “trapped” below another with zero. But those RP are there for when you grind back down to it.
Seems like a skill issue to me.