Changing loadout midgame in Air battles

To anyone who did not know, I just realized this, After being rearmed/repaired, hold throttle, or atleast make sure throttle is at 0, so you are not moving atall, then while sitting still on the airfield hold J(you wont die) and you can change the loadout just like in the beginning of the match and deloy back into battle on the airfield and fly off!! I just did it today, so I can confirm that it works, atleast in RB

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I’m… gonna try this now!

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Standard operating procedure in realistic.

In naval arcade, it didn’t work.

Thanks for sharing this - at least one fellow player has gained a benefit.

Have in mind that this is actually a very old feature, we had 4 or 5 years ago even a temp bug resulting in the inability to respawn after a loadout change…

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Just don’t J out if you’re the last man standing, or it will end the match. Gaijin needs to fix this. Atleast give the player 1 minute to change their loadout.


It is about 90 seconds - starting when u touch runway. So even with a level 1 crew you have time for a 30 sec repair, switching loadout and take-off…

The worst you can do is to sit on the runway as last guy - due to ticket loss for inactivity after 90 seconds…

The last time I was the last player and attempted to change my loadout on the runway, the game ended soon as I Jed out. I was fast about it and didn’t waste any time, because I didn’t want to get caught taking off.

Imho you were victim of a bug. The bug report function is full with “special cases” - but usually it works with a timer as described earlier.

I played BP challenge 20.000 mission points with Il-2s - and was quite often last man alive and it worked fine.

And i changed loadout from “with bombs” to “without any loadout” to avoid getting sniped by aaa defending the 4 bases…

Less a bug more the “inactivity timer”, but I repeat myself.

Does this work for planes in Ground RB, too? I’ve J’d out of a plane after repairing before, but it’s almost always to jump into another vehicle without losing the plane in question. I’ve never tried to change loadouts for the same plane in GRB.

Sorry, you ask the wrong person for this. I never tried.

Well, guess I’ll see what happens when I try it the next time I repair and J out before moving to a new vehicle. But thanks!

No it doesn’t work in GRB

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Indeed it does not. Tried it last night and… yep. Ah well…

doesn’t even work in ARB half the fucking time

Should report it as a bug, or post the suggestion ;)

If you are damaged in any way ( like from belly landing ) leaving the plane will count you as dead if you leave your plane, so you have to wait until your are fully repaired to do this. It works on the forward airbase and original spawn airbase to change load outs and fuel.


It works fine for me, just observe what Ravanos said above.

it’s usually after a long sortie when I’m low on fuel, even when I don’t have damage

Yep, it is useful when you want do another run with a bomber. You can take minimum payload for second run, to climb faster and increase the chance to be able to drop it on a base.