Changhe Z-8JH, The Anti-Piracy Modification

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Changhe Z-8JH


It is disputed on whether its classified as Z-8J, Z-8JA, or Z-8JH, as such i will be sticking to the name this model is publicly referred too.



The Changhe Z-8 is a versatile helicopter with three engines, developed and produced by the Changhe Aircraft Industry Group (CAIG) in China. It is based on the SA 321 Super Frelon Helicopter manufactured by Aerospatiale. The Z-8 is specifically designed to carry out a wide range of tasks, both in civilian and military settings. Civilian operations that the helicopter is capable of performing include geological surveys, aerial mapping, construction support, forest fire protection, power line installation, and communication services. On the other hand, the military applications of the Z-8 encompass tasks such as liaison missions, search and rescue operations, firefighting, border patrol, troop transportation, anti-submarine warfare (ASW), and emergency medical services (EMS).

The Z-8JH is a Search and Rescue variant of the Z-8J, and this specific one is modified for Anti-Piracy in the Indian ocean. It features external pylons for 4 weapon mounts, as well as featuring a FLIR turret on the front of the fuselage, not many images of this modification exist, and its service use is relatively unknown.

At least one Z-8JH has been configured to this modification.

Technical Data


Crew - 2

Length - 23.05 m (With Rotor) 20.27 m (Without Rotor)

Height - 6.66 m

Width - 5.2 m

Rotor Diametre - 18.9 m

Empty Weight - 6,795 kg

Max Takeoff Weight - 13,000 kg

Powerplant 1 x 3-In-1 6A Turboshaft Engine (1,180 kW Normal, 1,206 kW Emergency)

Max level flight Speed - 273 km/h

Service Ceiling - 6,000 m

Range - 800 km


Photographical Evidence

2 x PC-1AY 12.7mm Gunpods

2 x HF-14 Rocket Pods

The Following can most likely be mounted

4 x HF-14 Rocket Pods

4 x HF-25 Rocket Pods

4 x HF-7D Rocket Pods

Presumed that the Pylons block usage of torpedo or Anti-Ship missile mountability.



surface search radar

HS-12 dipping sonar


Image of a Z-8J



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this is very distinctive. the first time I saw a photo of Z8 installing weapons

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