Changhe Z-11WB

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Changhe Z-11WB



The Changhe Z-11WB, developed by the Changhe Aircraft Industries Corporation, is claimed to be the first helicopter solely developed by the PRC. It is largely based on the Eurocopter AS350. Research into the construction of this utility helicopter began in the late 1980s, with its first flight occurring in 1994 and entrance to service in 1998. Chief designer Wu Ximing is credited with developing this helicopter, along with others such as the CAIC Z-10. His influence can be seen through the use of CAD/CAM methods.

The Z-11WB variant is a new attack and recon derivative of the existing Z-11. It features a redesigned cockpit and an Electro-optics ball under the chin. Its missions include ground attack, recon, and command, among others. With an overall length of approximately 13 meters, this small helicopter is lightweight, with a maximum takeoff weight of around 2,200kg. The redesigned cockpit, which already offers excellent visibility, includes multi-functional displays to reduce pilot workload. It also provides space for a sole pilot and three troops. The rear seats can be folded to accommodate door-mounted weapons or additional load space. Power is provided by a WZ8D turbo-shaft engine, a license-built version of the Turbomeca Arriel 2B1A engine. This engine produces around 680 hp and enables a top speed just below 280 kph.

Technical Data


Crew - 2 (Pilot / Co-Pilot)

Fuselage Length - 11.24m

Total Length - 13.01m

Width - 1.8m

Height - 3.14m

Empty Weight - 1,253 kg

Max Takeoff Weight - 2,250 kg

Engine - 1 x Liming WZ-8 Turboshaft (510 kW)

Main Rotor Diameter - 10.69m

Top Speed - 278 kph

Range - 680 km

Rate of Climb - 8.2 m/s

Service Ceiling 5,270m


Thermal Camera

No Public data on RWR or other Helicopter Technology for this Aircraft.


8 x TY-90 AAM

2 x Door Mounted CS/LM12 7.62mm Machine guns (1 x on each side)

1 x 40mm Pintle Mounted LG3 Automatic Grenade Launcher

4 x TL-2 ASM

4 x AG-300 ASM

4 x CM-502KG ASM

8 x BA-7 AGM

8 x HJ-8 AGM

4 x FT-9 LGB

4 x YZ-212D LGB

2 x 57mm Rocket Pods

8 x SW-6 UAV




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I’d say this should be a 9.3 without the UAVs, or 12.7 with the UAVs