Changes in Arcade Air Battles - Conquest mode - Feedback thread


Changes in Air Conquest mode

  • Airfields for repairs and optional spawn of aircraft have been added.
  • Air defense at new airfields protects air spawn points.
  • For better protection from air defense, the height of the spawn of vehicles has been changed:
    From 1000 m to 500 m for fighters and attack aircraft.
    From 3000 m to 1500m for bombers.
  • In sessions with a Battle Rating of 6.7 and higher, the capture points have been changed from 2 ground and 1 air to 2 air and 1 ground.
  • Added moving ground vehicles.
  • Shifted bases and ground vehicles closer to capture points.
  • New missions have been added to:
    The Vietnam location.
    The Ladoga location.

Right now on dev server there are 4 available missions: Golan Heights, Smolensk, Vietnam and Ladoga.

Please check the latest changes and leave your feedback here!
Thank you!


I’ve really enjoyed the introduction of Air Conquest as a new mode/map type. Something for everyone and can really generate some complex AB play. Hope you keep working on it, looking forward to trying out the new changes.

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Do you plan to rework jet era arcade battles? Maybe remove time limit for Afterburner usage, add bigger maps or smth more to make it attractive to players?

Oh god why
Please dont make bombers worse, you are just reinforcing the 109 meta even more.

Actually based tho

Please, please, please say this is a joke and 1000000% not coming to RB.