Change of value of Convertible RP

Why do I think this?
I came across various videos that give tips about getting RP and progression.
Those videos were often split into Free-To-Play methods and Pay-2-Progress methods.
In those P2P methods, it is always talked about buying premiums, buying premium status and similar ways, and of course the method of buying convertible RP. While all the other methods received the most positive opinions and were declared the way to go, convertible RP wasn’t recommended and was more of a meme for content creators for good reason.
The most often used argument is that it is not valuable at all and not recommended to buy which is correct and inflicts on many new people to not buy it. Videos with those pieces of advice often have lots of impressions and drag people away from actually committing to buying Convertible RP.




Player Base
Looking at reviews, especially on Google or Trustpilot you see opinions about players quitting after a really small amount of hours.

Pro Arguments
While the RP costs for top-tier vehicles rose, the value for convertible RP did not lower. This means the prices for those vehicles will rise high on more expensive vehicles in the future. So for example, if we look at the Leopard 2A4 and the Leopard 2A4 (PzBtl 123), you can see the Leopard 2A4 will cost 6667 GE (300.000 RP/45=6666,666~6667 GE) which is estimated 45,60€, for a vehicle without Talisman, without the 7 days of premium, without 2000 GE extra, without modification (and extra modifications) and without 20 vehicle back-ups compared to the Leopard 2A4 (PzBtl 123) which costs 65€. Adding those extras (with GE) would raise the price of the Leopard 2A4 to an overall 148,50€, the pure price for all modifications and vehicle is 89,10€ which is 13897 GE.
6667(Vehicle Price)+ 7230(Modifications)+ 2800(Talisman)+ 2400(BackUps)+ 1190(Premium Time)+ 2000(Pure GE)=22287GE

This is nearly 1,5 times more than for the premium vehicle but only for the vehicle and modifications.
Not to forget that players need to have vehicles that are before the Leopard 2A4. This is a time or money-consuming process.

Those insanely high numbers and first impressions of videos as shown earlier lead to people having multiple 10s of millions of Convertible RP and not using them. There is no motivation for players to buy Convertible RP for their progression. Of course, I don’t know the numbers but lowering this price or adding some kind of bulk discount will motivate more players to spend more GE on Convertible RP. Another effect is that players tend to spend GE to get their hands on new vehicles or make the progression faster on those freshly released vehicles.

As told earlier, you can see the opinions of many casual gamers in Google and Trustpilot reviews or similiar review platforms. They often quit after the 50h game time which is the point of progressing to Tier III, easier Convertible RP spending will lead players more into buying GE to use already earned Convertible RP. This acts like a kind of “paid work”.
Players who progress normally will come across difficult times with some harder or unliked vehicles later as well.
Having the option to buy a high amount of Convertible RP to progress, buy a premium vehicle, or fight through can be frustrating, humans tend to go for the less time-consuming option which would be buying Convertible RP but insanely high prices can scare someone away.
Convertible RP has to be earned so the problem of players buying themselves into the top tier and altering the gameplay of that is near zero.

Contra Arguments
Since I don’t know the exact numbers I can’t tell if this would destroy the game’s economic. By just seeing the activities of Gaijin (sales, releases, and updates) other parts of the game are seeming to be more worthy to work about (Premium Vehicles, Premium Status).

Convertible RP with a bulk discount or a lower price helps to progress easier and will create another way to spend GE more usefully. Doing this also increases players willingness to stay on the game. If it is not much of an econmical valueable part of the game right now, a try can be a good idea.

Would you think that more players will buy Convertible RP?
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Would you think that it is more valuable for Gaijin?
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Would you personally use more Convertible RP after a price adjustment?
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I would like to see 3 things:

  • Higher base conversion rate. Say for example 50RP for 1GE.
  • Premium account holders get an additional amount on top of that conversion rate. So for example 55RP for 1GE.
  • The ability to use SL instead of GE, but with a worse conversation rate than GE. It should be an optional SL sink, but not enough to invalidate GE purchases for it.

Really good ideas, I think there are many ways to create a more valueable version of convertible rp, so that would be up to gaijin if they would consider a change.

I have millions CRP. I will probably never use most of it. Would love jsut same way to make use of it for free. Like the ability to convert some into SL. Like 10 mil CRP into 1 mil SL. or disable CRP generation and convert it on the fly into extra SL from each match

They just need to do something with CRP. Because at the moemnt, its too expensive to use to boost anything more than once in a blue moon and you gernerate way too much.


I would be willing to trade 1 million CRP for 1 single silver lion. Thats how useless CRP is.


One of my biggest wish is that they also either make you able to FREELY convert CRP into SL or drastically decrease the CRP gain and lower the CRP already owned by players and make it free to use on anything the player wants. I have 32Mil CRP, to convert all of that into RP I would need to spend about 700 000 GE. No way in hell anyone will ever do that.


Yep, as much as I love this game, Gaijin’s obliviousness to some things never ceases to annoy me.

Examples most WT players are all too well aware of -

  • The absurdity of CRP conversion rate
  • The failed logic they use to try to “balance” the game through “muh stats”
  • Insane BR compression at some ranges

I would rather see free RP to be turned into SL sink like crates are right now. So it is not just sit there. Over 10 years of playing I got 97 millions free RP just sitting there and not willing to spend GE using it because it is just bad.

SL option would give a way to speed up RP grind at cost of SL grind. Let me explain.

Say you want to free XP Mig-29SMT which is 410000RP. If we assume ratio of 10SL per 1RP it would cost 4100000 to free RP. Which means you would pay quintiple the price of vehicle.

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If the devs really didn’t want to change the current rp conversion rate, they could add other ways of converting that massive stock of unused rp. Say for example, premium time allows free rp to be converted to regular rp, equal to a small portion of what the player earns. Players who have premium 365, will (eventually) run out of free rp to convert, while those who only get premium when its on sale or otherwise infrequently purchase it, will be encouraged to buy more regularly as they’ll get the bonus conversion of free rp as long as they have some to be converted. While it may not be the best for people who have say, 97 million available to convert, if thats slowly eroded while they wait for new things to research, This would also allow a very very slow progress in another nation for a player that has finished their favourite tech tree. Also like the idea of possibly converting SL into exp or free exp into SL.

Idk how long it will take me to run out of this, but WT most likely wouldnt be a thing by then.
What i would like is to use the convertible RP to get vehicles from past events that are not coupons. Like let´s say i want Tandem-MAI, let me buy it in some special shop for 10 mil convertible RP,as its just rank 1 plane. Then some rank V idk if there is some vehicle like that rn,i dont think so, lets say 50 mil convertible RP.

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