Challenger MBT: Tracked Fortress

In the 1980s, the outdated Chieftain MBT was superseded in the British Army by the more modern Challenger. Despite the fact that the new tank was based on its slower predecessor, they don’t really share a lot of traits. The Challenger was considerably more mobile thanks to its powerful engine and an improved transmission – not to mention that its composite armor arrangement was more suited to the challenges of the modern era. The new MBT became the main tank that the British Armed forces used at the end of the century. In War Thunder, the vehicle proudly sits at the very top of the sixth rank in the ground vehicles part of the British tech tree.

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Even your PR guy knows better, the Challenger tanks are horribly implemented in WT with awful mobility. Reddit - Dive into anything

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Me driving my slow ass finally to a spot to get hull down and snipe only to proceed to easily be penned and destroyed.

Or better yet 80% of the time I shoot a Russian tank right in his side the round just goes through the whole ammo rack and does nothing.

Anytime I get shot and live the tank is crippled.


Lol at “The Challenger was considerably more mobile thanks to its powerful engine and an improved transmission”

When it due to messed up game mechanics and physics of vehicle, it’s nowhere near close to real life

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I take this as confirmation that the Challengers are about to get a massive buff?

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I sure hope so

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Yeah if they are going to make it the heaviest MBT in the game they could at least give it the armour protection that makes it that heavy in real life.

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A substantial buff for a British vehicle? Surely you jest.

Well, at least lets hope they dont conclude that the armor was made of tea-bags and needs to be nerfed.