Challenger 3TD tank turret 30 mm rolled armor on both sides above the turret with an angle of inclination equivalent to a minimum thickness of 10 mm was reported incorrectly

The Challenger 3TD tank has an armor bug, the minimum equivalent thickness of the 30 mm thick rolled armor on both sides above the turret is 10 mm, which is not true, the equivalent armor thickness of the vertical angle should be close to the thickness of the rolled armor, not less than the thickness of the armor, this is a bug, and I found that it is equivalent to the additional rolled armor of 10 mm above the gun root, so I judged that the 30 mm rolled armor here was actually made of 10 mm. Hope it can be verified and fixed soon, thanks.

The 30 mm thickness of the inclined armor in the same position above the Challenger 2 is greater than 30 mm at the angle of inclination, verifying the Challenger 3’s error.

good luck getting them to fix errors with the CR3, you can see it still has the mismatched armour and visual model on the turret and it’s been like that ever since the CR2 mantlet rework

Actually, I found this error to be very serious, because here it should be an additional 10mm armor on top of the original Challenger 2’s turret 30mm armor, so it should be 40mm armor, while the in-game Challenger 3TD is to turn the original 30mm armor into 10mm armor, and 40mm into 10mm instead.