Challenger 3TD no turret spall liner

I just started playing the 3TD and noticed that it doesnt have a turret spall liner, all the challenger 2s have the turret spall liner, and the 3TD has a hull front spall liner, why would they remove the turret spall liner? Is that accurate? it effects the turret survivability a lot.

My only guess is that because it was a test demo they couldnt be bothered to put one in?

yeah the turret was modified to fix the L/55A1 and they didn’t put the liner in as it was never intended for combat

in a bug report gaijin states there is no spall liner evidence looking at the cr3 presentation. is there actually photos of the inside of the cr3 td?

this video show a bit of it

yea i was looking at it but it doesnt show much

their is not alot of images of it to go on

This is what happens when you rush a tech demonstrator into the game.

It’s a demonstrator, not intended for combat and not even close to the final form of the ch3.

Of course it doesn’t have the spall liner, it’s a demonstration of how the gun would fit, ammo stowage etc.

Gaijin should have told marketing to sit down until the actual tank was at least seen, but I guess they wanted that sweet Christmas money.

In a few years we might get an actual challenger 3 rather than this…. thing we have now.

i mean, i do like the tank. my main complains are the breech (that if well modeled wont be a problem), the top of the turret front and the ammo exploding in the turret because no blowout pannels.

these issues would be fixed by adding dm63 and if gaijin does a good job remodeling the tank.

It a shame that the prototype came out a month after the update

Community: ‘‘We want more modern Challengers!’’
Gaijin: ‘‘Here’s a Challenger 3 prototype.’’
Community: '‘We don’t want Challengers that are too modern!’’

not what people said
People wanted a IFV like the ajax

and a fixed chally 2 instead of newer ones

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Gaijins source for it not having a spall liner was a photo that also showcased the coax not being installed… So clearly wasn’t in any form of combat loadout and should have been disregarded. The challenger 3 wouldn’t remove a feature that adds to crew survival that was already installed on a previous model. This isn’t Apple with the aux port. It’s the MOD who require vehicles for war zones.