Challenger 3 (p)

Regarding the news of the Challenger 3 tank being dropped on gaijins website i was curious about the armor, the official british army website claims it has improved armor in the front turret, hull and around the sides of turret. Meanwhile the devs said current challenger 3 is said to have the same hull and same protection as challenger 2s.

I can provide the links/sources below:

Challenger 3 MBT Main Battle Tank UK data fact sheet.

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Props because its the Prototype

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True but the current specifications of this prototype all claim the same thing of improved Chobham armour

You have specifications that claim the Prototype is fitted with the improved armour?

Cause all you have posted is about is the Challanger 3

One of the links was the british army what better am i supposed to do without leaking sensitive info. Any ideas? I’ll do just that without ending up in prison

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oh the folly of modern prototype tanks, where you cant move gaijin from whatever hill they decided to camp on

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That is pointing to the Challanger 3. Not the Tech Demonstrator labeled prototype that the devblog is talking about.

Yes and can you find me a source claiming that demonstrator varient uses the same turret and same hull as previous challenger 2s. That would be a much more difficult feat than providing links showing improved armor


The model we have and used in the pictures to illustrate Challenger 3 on the Army’s website is RBSL’s commercial prototype, not the MoD’s planned prototype.

The page says the CR3 prototypes implementing the requirements of the MoD’s Critical Design Review, hasn’t been built yet.

Challenger has hit all of its milestones to date including a successful Critical Design Review (CDR) at the beginning of 2023.
This was the milestone that froze the design of the prototype vehicles.
The prototypes will then be manufactured and put through trials in order to refine the design before the manufacture of production vehicles commences. The first prototype is expected at the end of the year.

CDR considerations include how to integrate required UK government or otherwise sensitive technology not owned by the primary contractor or their industry partners. Which includes all the DSTL-designed armour, and subsystems like the Rafael Trophy APS that was selected by the MoD outside of RBSL’s CR3 proposal.

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Wikipedia says it has the same hull and armor, now we know where Gaijn gets the technical data for NATO tanks


I don’t. I was hoping you could provide one since i was hoping for a more meaningful difference. Given its a tech demonstrator i dont have any reason to believe they added everything meant for the Challanger 3 series. So if you could find info on them putting into the TD id love it.

Sadly you have just pointed to Challenger 3 things which thos vehicle is not

It’s important to point out this is NOT a challenger 3

Odd i guess gaijin entertainment got the name of the tank wrong “challenger 3 (p)” for prototype of the challenger 3. But yes you are right, the reality is it’s a challenger 2 with a new cannon. That’s what Rheinmetall BAE Systems Land did so it’s not a challenger 3?

Yes, this is not a Challenger 3, nor a prototype challenger 3

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the (p) is for paper

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Yeah its seemingly a TD for what would eventuelly become Challenger 3. Now a TD could be a new vehicle, or its more likely it is an old vehicle with stuff strapped to it. Or in this case a different 120mm jammed into it.

like Abrams X is a TD which iirc uses some old Abrams hull with a new turret and powerpack. And idk if the turret is even real in that case (i just havent looked into it).

From what we can tell its supposed to be the original challenger 2 lep that rbsl unveiled in 2019 which isnt uparmored. Whether or not the turret should have the same armor as the regular 2 is questionable and it definitely shouldnt have a 1500hp engine since HAAIP was only initiated in 2021. It seems to be a hodgepodge of various iterations.

After the DU Armor fiasco I lost all hope.

it’s actually for poopoo haha